Quick Recode vs Shrink question.

Discussion in 'Third Party Products' started by Clams, Mar 17, 2007.

  1. Clams

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    A discussion with Webslinger elswhere sparked this question.

    I know that Shrink has the option when re-authoring a DVD, to "force" whatever audio or subtitle stream you desire on any given title. This I find handy, because you can leave the AC3-5.1 sound on the movie AND the commentary track. Then you right click the title on the left side and force the AC3-5.1 track to play as the "primary". (But you can toggle to the commentary track if you wish during playback.)

    I've not found this "somewhat advanced" option in Nero Recode - did they leave it out? - or did I miss it? I really don't know.

    -W (Mr. Slinger.. I thought of this because this "feature" means more to me than menus or ReCodes speed advantage)
  2. Webslinger

    Webslinger Retired Moderator

    Right. Yeah, I'm of the opinion this feature does not exist in Recode--but I'm not positive. It most likely doesn't, but I haven't checked with Recode I know the older versions of Recode do not have that feature.

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    I have Recode and I have never found that feature either.
  4. Webslinger

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    I just took a look, and I'm not seeing it either in Recode
  5. Clams

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    OK thanks!
    That's kinda too bad because if you re-author a DVD (movie only) and leave the commentary or subtitles in - it becomes a crapshoot as to what will dominate on playback by default. I don't use the feature all the time, but I always use it if I leave any strange tracks on the title.

    I don't know why they left it out of Recode.... kinda seems a small step backward in "Shrinks evolution".

  6. Webslinger

    Webslinger Retired Moderator

    I have no idea why that feature was left out (or if it is definitively left out; I'm guessing it is though). That said there are some other differences between these programs as well.

    You might want to take a look at
  7. Rich86

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    I agree that I really like that feature in DVDShrink - particularly for music/concert dvd's where a dts soundtrack has been included. My primary home theater equipment supports dts, but not all my other equipment. Therefore, if all fits ok, I like to include both the dolby digital and dts tracks, but set the default soundtrack for dolby digital. If some other family member plays the disc somewhere else - it plays ok without them having to do anything special. And I can opt for the dts track on the main family system.
  8. Clams

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    GOOD THREAD! Thanks! The quality results were a bit inconclusive, but seemed to swing a bit toward the Recode side. I tend to use Shrink in "extra sharp" - it takes longer but seems to do better overall than "sharp".

    Twas funny that on page three, the bitching started about the very feature I mentioned being left out of Recode. Heh..

    Is the Nero burning ROM really that sucky? Some of them were pretty hard on it.

    -W (who'll prolly stay with Shrink so long as the std. DVD exists)
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  9. Webslinger

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    No. There's just a lot of bloatware in the ultra package, and some people are very resistant to having to pay for software in general. That said, I have not been impressed with Nero's customer support lately, and the file size of the update download must leave Nero/Ahead dial-up customers in tears. I also feel Nero gouges its customers with each new upgrade.
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  10. Clams

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    Ok - thanks - Understood.