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    I was looking into different options for redoing my home media viewing. I was wondering about how many Blu-ray movie will fit on a 6tb hdd. thanks
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    Nobody knows. It's not like all bluray have the same size. I've seen them go from 18gb to the maximum up 45.3gb

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    Way TOO MANYmovies, if you 6TB hard drive dies, you won't have fun replacing all your movies.

    Make a back-up copy of your 6TB hard drive, sometime in the future you will be glad your did.
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    6 tb hd

    Is there such a thing as a 6 TB HD available to the enthusiast market?
  5. ZARTT

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    6 tb hd

    Answering my own question "Yes there is"
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    All things being equal, it would be better to use your 2 or 3 TB drive as a main, and use the 6 TB as the back up until the 3 TB fills up, or self destructs. Hopefully, it fills up before it self destructs. In any case by that time, an 8 or 10 TB might be available, or 4K might require 10 TB disks.
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    I might be able to shed some light on this question, since I've been planning on doing the exact same thing myself.

    Short answer: Roughly 120 movies.
    Longer answer: More than that / It depends.

    Here's how the math stacks up.

    A standard BluRay movie will require a dual-layer BD disc of 50Gig because they're all invariably larger than will fit on a 25GB single layer disc, and when burned, the full capacity of the disc is used, meaning slack space is useless. So it's 50G of use, period. Two BD-DL discs is 100Gig; thus 20 BD-DL discs comes to roughly 1TB. If you have a 6TB drive, then 6x20 = 120 movies on that spindle.

    This is not an exact estimation, because you need to make an adjustment for loss to slack/formatted space, and also because when manufacturers state drive capacity, they're using 'whole' numbers for their calculations, where 1MB=1024KB, so you'll find that the actual storage capacity is less than stated. Somewhat misleading in a way, but it's just the way it's always been done.

    However, the good news is that not all movies, when ripped to ISO, will require 50GB. Most are smaller. For example:
    • The Hobbit (Unexpected Journey) - ISO Size 36.75GB (running time 169 minutes, ~2.75 hours)
    • Hamlet (Branagh) - ISO Size 42.7GB, (running time 242 minutes, ~4 hours)
    So, you can see that even though I have two very long movies here, they're still under the 50GB size of a standard BD-DL disc, and therefore you can store a great many on a 6TB drive. Even though there's loss to manufacturer labeling and formatting, the smaller size of the ISO means you'll probably wind up with something close to 120 movies on that drive.

    CAUTION: I would urge you to consider smaller, more inexpensive 4TB drives and buy an inexpensive RAID1 unit that can support up to 8GB of mirrored (2x4T sets) capacity or greater. The experience of losing an entire collection to a failed drive is too painful to consider. Also, depending on the unit, if your storage needs expand, you can replace the pairs of 4T drives for sets of 6 or 8 TB drives as the price drops, presuming the enclosure will support them.
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