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    Hi Webslinger. I was wondering if you have ever heard of or have used ICopyDVDs2? Its something i use to burn my dvds with after using AnyDVD. Im courious as to know if you have any thoughts about this product. My son bought it and installed it and it seems to work fine even on dvd's that other people seem to have trouble burning. Actually if my son hadn't already paid for it i would be using Clone but i guess i'm too much of a tightwad.
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    Yes, it's a waste of money. If you want to compress video, Shrink is free and does a better job. But I'm not sure what your question has to do with Anydvd HD.
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    I was just wondering webslinger. My son bought Icopydvds before he ever knew there was a slysoft and downloaded it to our computer. I have both shrink and icopydvds2 along with anydvd. I find that when shrink won't work with a dvd Icopydvds2 will with the help with anydvd. I just wanted to get an opinion on what i am using.
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    Shrink will offer the same or better picture quality than icopy--and it's free. You're asking my opinion; I don't think very highly of icopydvds2.

    Shrink and Anydvd can backup the discs you're having problems with. Here's how: visit

    Of course, if you want to split your backup over two discs (so there's no quality loss) and retain menus, Clonedvd is an even better option.
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    Thanks webslinger for your opinion. I have another question. What makes clone dvd better? I'm thinking about getting it and i'd like to know what advantages it has over the others like Icopydvds2 or any other aplication. Will i still need shrink if i get clone dvd? Any information wild be greatly appreciated.
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    Clonedvd offers the capacity to retain menus over split discs. It's also effective as a pre-processor for ripping (before you compress with Shrink); that is, you can remove unwanted titlesets without any compression first. And then you can use Shrink to compress, if you want.

    Also using Clonedvd helps to ensure compatibility with Anydvd.

    But I actually rarely compress video at all. I mostly use Clonecd with Anydvd (because 1)I don't like lossy video compression, and 2) I am lazy).

    I tend to prefer using this method:

    If you like to compress video to fit on 4.7GB blank dvds (and are picky about picture quality), then yes. If you want to merge or join different dvd sources, then yes. If you want to split a video anywhere other than at a chapter mark, then yes.

    Otherwise, probably not. For many people Clonedvd is sufficient.
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