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    Hello everyone,,
    I have read a lot of the stickies along with redirects pages. I recently got new plasma that lead to ps3 with truehd audio decoder coming down in the future. I am starting to get some blue rays, but want to back them up. Currently, the price for blank media is more then I want to spend to back up. I was thinking about going the route of a large external hard drive, and place that into my network either through directly into the receiver or tv. Understand about half of jargon that is said with techinal file talk. With anydvd hd, blue ray drive or burner, and external hard drive, I would be able to back-up full blue rays or just the movie itself without any extra items needed? Sure will get flamed, but a quick answer is all I need to invest in this as next piece of media center.
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    Anydvd decrypts / rips entire discs only. It's everything or nothing

    With companion software like CloneBD (elaborate bytes) you can rip just the movie or extra's as long as anydvd is running in the background. CloneBD by itself cannot process copyprotected content of any kind.

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