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    A couple of quick questions about the choice of encoding resolutions. These relate to the generic DivX profile bu tare applicable to others as well.

    1. 720x404 versus 852x480. Since the maximum horizontal resolution of a DVD is 720 why would you choose the option of 852x480?

    2. 720x576 (PAL TV). Can anyone provide and advice on when to choose this resolution over the others?

    Thanks :)
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    Quick reply from Wikipedia:
    "First of all, 852x480 is the resolution of the 480p EDTV standard with square pixels. Just because DVDs use non-square pixels to achieve 852x480 and claim to be 480p, it doesn't change the EDTV standard (See de facto standard)." The extra lines are overscan/vertical blanking info - what you will see is 720x480 on an NTSC TV.
    You would choose PAL if your TV uses that standard (mainly European) at 50Hz refresh rate instead of the NTSC (North American mainly) 60Hz standard.
    In Australia, are you on the PAL standard?
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    Thanks for the info. Yes, PAL here in Aus :)

    According to Wikipedia a PAL DVD uses 720x576 and an NTSC DVD uses 720x480. Neither of which are 4:3 (720x540) or 16:9 (720x405). Starts to get confusing :(

    I tend to encode my DVD's at 720x405 because it's 16:9 and a DVD has a max horizontal resolution of 720.

    Can anyone provide a link to somewhere with more info on this subject? Wikipedia is not that clear :(

    Thanks again :)
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    Here are a couple:
    All the video standards summarized here:
    How PAL/NTSC relate to HDTV:
    Happy reading ;)