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    Hi - just want to confirm something. My understanding is that AnyDVD can remove region code for Blu-ray, but that I still need to set my Blu-ray drive to the correct region via the Win10 Control Panel, is that correct? My understanding is that I can only switch the region on the drive a few times?

    I an in Region A and want to buy a disc that is only available for Region B. I can't rip it without changing the setting on the drive?

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    You're misunderstanding. Drive regions are for DVD's. Blu-ray regions are stored at the DISC level. All you need to do is enable Blu-ray region remove, set it to always ask, and when you insert that region b disc, you specify region B. It is VITAL that when you remove an imported disc region, you specify the region of where you got the disc (or from the packaging). Specifying region A on an import disc that is not coded for playback on region A, WILL result in an unplayable backup.

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    The region setting in Windows is for DVD's only and not relevant to Blu-ray discs.
    The region is set in the software player for Blu-ray discs.

    AnyDVD will remove the region without changing any settings for as many discs as you want, the region check/lock for Blu-ray is on the disc and AnyDVD removes it - You just tell AnyDVD what region the disc is from and it will make it region free.

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    Thanks so much to both of you. I really appreciate the responses and clear instructions. Huge help!