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Discussion in 'Purchase and License Keys' started by Sicksol, Dec 25, 2017.

  1. Sicksol

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    Hey all I was going through and putting my information into the site to purchase a lifetime licence. It shows the current pricing in euros and tells me that it charge 100.64 EURO will be approximately $ 119.52 USD However is says that it will charge my card 783.46 CNY. I was wondering why its charging me in Chinese Yuan I just wanted to make sure this is correct.
  2. Ch3vr0n

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    because the payment provider is chinese based (CNY = chinese Yuan) and yes it is correct, there's just a currency conversion
  3. tfboy

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    Just to add that my father is trying to purchase a licence today to make the most of the discount and queried the CNY thing.
    I now see that's "normal". Still, I'd suggest pointing it out in the actual sale process. There's nothing more offputting then seeing a set price in USD. Then giving approximate equivalents in EUR and GBP. Then actually charging in CNY!

    Oh and I thought I'd check on my PC, and it's now suggesting I'll be billed in TWD (!!)

    Would it be possible to have some consistency, or at least mention it on the website. My father is now having cold feet on the whole thing...
  4. Ch3vr0n

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    CNY or TWD are the charging currencies (depending on which payment option is chosen). The other's USD, GBP, EUR are there simply for informative purposes so you will know tha approximate charge that will appear on the card. No more, no less.
  5. tfboy

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    OK, thanks for clarifying.

    But do you not think that the whole process does appear a little obfuscated and "smoke and mirrors". I'd hope there's nothing fraudulent about it, but if I had my business and had set it up so that I would take payment in CNY or TWD, then I'd say "pricing is in CNY or TWD. Approximate equivalents in EUR, USD and GBP are xxx".

    You say "no more, no less", but seeing a completely different currency come out of the blue at the very last minute before finalising your purchase does just sound wrong. :)

    Incidentally, when I (re)purchased AnyDVD from Redfox, I believe it was in USD. I'd have to check my card details, but there's no mention on my emails of any other currency. Maybe it was in USD and has since changed. But if Redfox want to encourage sales, 100% transparency up front goes a long way. Updating a webpage clarifying this is surely trivial compared to what the team actually achieve in the background :)
  6. Ch3vr0n

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    they have to be obfuscating, why do you thing they're using an asian based (third class) PSP? Because first class USD/EUR payment providers don't want to deal with developers that create tools to break copyprotections. It's not completely different. Afaik the purchase page clearly states charging will be in CNY (a charge will appear on your CC by ..... for .... CNY), that same page pretty sure also specifically states any other currencies are for informative purposes only.

    They're already doing what you want them to do.

    ASo to your USD charge. The actual charging is done in the currency mentioned, your BANK however converts that charge to your local currency and optionally adds a currency conversion fee (upto 4% usually).

    There's nothing to update.
  7. tfboy

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    I'm not complaining of the fact they're charging in CNY (or TWD), I get it.
    I'm just saying that the fact that payment is clarified at the very very very end just before you confirm your purchase appears a bit shady. It stinks of switching at the very last minute.

    You see it mentioned in Eur. You add to basket. You then go to through the checkout process:

    Step 1 of checkout process: in Eur. Mention of equivalence in USD and GBP

    Step 2 of checkout process. Still in EUR

    3rd and final step before confirming the order, all of a sudden, CNY appears out of nowhere with no explanation.

    Maybe some clarification at the beginning indicating that final payment will be made in CNY would be a good thing. It removes that last minute bait-and-switch feeling. Again, I'm not questioning why CNY has to be the accepted currency. Just hiding it till the very end is not good practice. That might just be how I see things and not how you do. Fair enough. I respect your different point of view. All I'll say now is that my father's decided not to buy as a result, at least for now, until some clarification comes through.

    I also get you're not Redfox staff, so you're not the one who can fix this, regardless of the fact you don't see it as being problematic. Maybe Ivan will see this, maybe not. I'm not too bothered, I've already bought the licence. My old man hasn't, and probably won't, and that would be a shame as I think the product is very good. :)
  8. Ivan

    Ivan Admin Staff Member

    I fully understand your concerns. Let me try to clarify...
    RedFox is not a company with CEO and thus not able to sign any contract with a credit card acquiring bank (or anybody else). We do not even exist.

    We are using weekly changing card processors and each card processor charges the currency of the country he is based. So sometimes you might get charged in USD, sometimes in Chinese Yuan, Taiwanese Dollars or South Korean Won. Additionally we route you on page 2 to the most promising credit card processor, depending on the type of credit card, your IP address and the phase of the moon.

    Sorry for that, but we are outlaws...
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