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Discussion in 'AnyStream' started by Watcher0363, Jan 12, 2021.

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    If you think about it though, it's also possibly a way to get "detected" and have your account banned. I want batch download too, especially for things with seasons, but just thinking out loud, if not handled correctly could have negative results. I am not a developer but I would assume such a function would have to be implemented very carefully.
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    i've been downloading nothing but unlimited speed since closed beta began in april last year. Zero negative effect so far.
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    In my opinion, if this project were to garner the attention of the networks it utilizes it would not be very difficult to detect it's use. Flying under the radar should be the goal at all times in my summation.

    Again, just my thoughts. I don't have any inside knowledge beyond having deep knowledge and experience in networking itself which only slightly applies to the subject I would think.
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    Despite no negative effects so far, I'd like to avoid negative effects in the future!

    The one big change batch download could cause is inhuman times of activity:

    Even at unlimited currently, you have to do it by hand, so it will only be while you're awake and at your computer.

    But with batch, you could end up doing 24x7, which might be more noticeable, even at 1x speed.

    So I hope we can specify a time window, a maximum number of hours per day, or start an N-hour job:

    I might manually "binge" from around 6p to midnight every day. But I certainly won't be watching every waking hour. And probably not at 4 in the morning, given that I might be interacting with the site during the daytime.
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    On the contrary it probably very difficult. AnyStream is designed to mimic "navigating" to a title just like you would on a browser/native app. Thus it's difficult to distinguish actual browsers/apps from anystream.
    Only until you hit your token cap :)
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    I understand what you are saying but I am going to have to disagree. While it would take some effort I do not think it would be very difficult. From a behavior standpoint I think it's easier to pick out than you think. ESPECIALLY if we start doing batch downloads (although I am sure some creative things could be added to help that, like a random time between queued downloads etc).

    I think what it all boils down to is cost. If the providers think they can spend some internal capital and it's worth their time to do so they will figure it out. But so long as AS is just a flea on the dog they don't care and it's not worth their time. Hence my point about staying under the radar.

    If you disagree it's cool. I am not looking to pick a fight. Just stating my opinion is all.
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    No worries mate, you're more than entitled to your own opinion. We'll have to agree to disagree :)

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    Just curious if you are using a VPN. I've been tempted to go over 1x but a little paranoid still since I just started using the software.
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    Only when i want to grab something from the us, I'm in eu. Otherwise no.

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    But I wasn't pointing out excessive usage, but rather inhuman usage. 24 hours straight for even 1-2 days would be pretty obvious if they bothered to look for it, even staying under the cap.

    Right now, since there's always a person hitting "download," you won't get that humanly impossible usage, which helps it fly under the radar.

    Just pointing out one of the challenges I would anticipate in automating things further.