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Question For Anyone Who Has Ripped Identity Blu Ray


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Feb 18, 2007
I went to burn a copy of Identity to a blu ray disc last night, fortunately on a BD-RE, and noticed that everything was fine until the main movie was about to play. Quite awhile ago what I had done was renamed the main movie file "main movie" instead of leaving it as its file number. I also deleted a number of unwanted extras to save space on the hard drive. My question is simple: what is the file number extension of the main movie so that I can burn it to a BD-R/RE? Anyone who has it on their hard drive would simply need to take a look at what number the main movie is. Thanks.
If you're refering to the 29gb file it's called 00066.m2ts
If you're refering to the 29gb file it's called 00066.m2ts

Thanks adbear, that should do the trick. Update-it did do the trick-burned to BD-RE and ps3 saw it as a BDMV.
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Why didn't you just look on the Original for the correct filename? :policeman: