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Discussion in 'Purchase and License Keys' started by pitoloko, Dec 18, 2022.

  1. pitoloko

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    I have bought 3 years of AnyStream subscription.

    If I understood good, the license update to AnyStream+ costs 60 EUR.

    My question is: if I pay those 60 EUR, my actual AnyStream license will be converted to LIFETIME license for AnyStream+?.

    I can't imagine other thing, because in terms of money the cost of 3 years subscription to AS + 60 EUR of license update to AS+ is practically the same money cost as a single AS+ lifetime license.
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  2. DeepSpace

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    No, that was a misunderstanding at the time it got released. The tier of your account will be lifted to Plus, same as there is Windows Home and Pro etc. But it does not affect the time of your license. Only the tier.

    So if you want to get lifetime AS Plus, you have to buy both. First buy plus and then, when the three years are gone, you can make it a lifetime license.
    However, compare the prices. I am not sure if it would be cheaper to buy a new Plus lifetime entirely or to upgrade.
  3. pitoloko

    pitoloko Active Member

    I think that I don't understand. What both things do you mean?.

    Lifetime license for AS+ costs 159 EUR.

    License update from AS to AS+ costs 60 EUR, and 1 year subscription to AS+ costs 109 EUR, in total 169€, which is more money than a single AS+ lifetime license.
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  4. pitoloko

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    If the license update to AS+ does not affect / extend / make lifetime the license expiration, then what will happen in a hypothetical scenario on which the AS user decides to update to AS+ for 60 EUR having 1 day remaining for his license expiration?. That user is condemned to pay 60 EUR just for a single day of service of AS+?. That is totally crazy and no ethic.
  5. DeepSpace

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    That's why I said check the prices. So it is probably best to just buy a new license instead of upgrading your existing one. But of course wait till the three years are gone, because they would be worthless then.

    Check on this site:
  6. DeepSpace

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    Exactly that would happen. It only affects the tier of your license, not the timeframe. But honestly, who would do that, unless he intends to also renew his license?
  7. pitoloko

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    Someone who, unlike me, does not think of asking first in the forum before purchasing, and assumes that the most normal thing in the world if you pay 60 eur at the very end day of your license for a license update, is that you can use it for more than one day.

    In any case, my doubt has been resolved, although I must say that it is not what I expected because many people can end up paying 60 eur deceived / confused.

    Thank you for clarifying my doubts.
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  8. DeepSpace

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    If anyone has made that by accident because he did not know that, than everyone can come to this forum and tell it or contact support. They helped many times already for people having issues.
  9. RedFox 1

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    It's not confusing at all. If you have a 1-year license and upgrade to the Plus version, you will have the Plus version with a 1 year license. If you have a lifetime basic license and you upgrade to a lifetime license it is a lifetime license. Two different things.;) Your length of license does not automatically turn into a lifetime unless you bought the lifetime originally or you upgraded to it.
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