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Discussion in 'General Chat' started by sfvt, Aug 19, 2007.

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    I'am having problems copying some movies..then I try to play it on my JVC player for my Tv.. and it does not work.. Which Programs or best to copy with..?
    and should I use dvds that or dvd - or dvd + ? I'am using nero and anydvd to copy.. also can somene tell me which brand dvds or good.. I'am new to this
    Thanks for any help on This..
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    Please visit (click the link--and read fully)
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    If the copies play on your PC then the problem is most likely with your home player. Use Verbatim or Ty media and your problems might be very simply solved.:D
  4. DetroitBaseball

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    Get DVD+R and booktype to DVD-ROM too to help. Verbatim DVD+R on sale right now.
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    Whats booktype?
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    The Book Type is a field of four bits at the start of every DVD (in the physical format information section of the control data block) that indicates what the physical format of the disc is. Many devices will use this "Book Type Field" to determine how the disc should be treated.

    So if you get DVD+R, you can make the disc be treated as DVD-ROM, which will increase the amount of standalone players the disc will work in. Newegg has a hell of a deal right now for Verbatims at $30 per 100 DVDs.
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    Can you tell me which programs or good

    I use nero and anydvd.. because It makes 8gig to 4gig and fits the whole movie on dvd..
  8. DetroitBaseball

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    CloneDVD can compress too and make a DL fit onto a SL.