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    I just bought a LG GSA-E60L 2.0 external drive. Seems like a really good drive for $69.99. When I use programs like CD Speed or Nero Info tool, they seem not to recognize the drive. When I burn movies, they are book-typed DVD Rom. Any suggestions? My other drive in my laptop shows up as a DVD+-RW as the LG shows as a DVD Ram.
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    LG GSA-E60L 20x DVDRW/RAM External + Lightscribe
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    I know that much... what is the reason why it does not show up in CD Speed or Infotool?
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    Problem Fixed, please delete post

    Problem fixed, please delete post.
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    Could you post your solution for future reference?
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    i have a question about an external drive too...

    i have an external iomega CD-R/RW/DVD+R/RW drive that came bundeld with some iomega hot burn pro software.
    my question is why will the software only recognise the iomega drive?
    it will not acknowledge my recently bought freecom multi format external dvd re-writers OR the multi format dvd rewriter built into the laptop.
    the message i get when starting hotburn pro is:
    Iomega HotBurn did not detect a CD-R/RW/DVD R/RW in your system. Please check all cables blah blah blah....
    all my other (burning) programs recognise ALL drives,even the iomega drive too.
    is it possible that the iomega software has been 'programmed' to only work with the iomega drive?
    it isn't a problem as such-i now use the freecoms or the laptop drive,and very rarely use the hotburn pro software anyway.but it's a very fast drive and i dont wanna just leave it 'sitting there' doing nothing.
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