Queen Region 1 takes over 3 hours to copy???

Discussion in 'AnyDVD HD (DVD issues)' started by gknyc, May 14, 2007.

  1. gknyc

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    Using Clone DVD2 Ver and AnyDvd
    I don't recall any movie taking longer than 20-30 minutes to read before.
    Queen region 1 took me over 3 hours to read and 8 minutes to write back producing a good copy as far as I can tell. Has anyone has similar experiences with this movie???
  2. Franchise

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    You should update AnyDVD here and try it again. I'm not sure what version I used of AnyDVD, but I do know it was newer than (well, maybe).
  3. bilbo65

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    Check if your DMA is enabled.
  4. Franchise

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    I would agree as well, but you're probably going to have to tell him how. I don't want to steal your thunder here. :)
  5. bilbo65

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    Steal away......:D
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  7. gknyc

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    Update on Ultra DMA and clarification

    I have been using this hardware configuration and settings over a year. Currently installed version have been on over a month and number of other copies have been made where no disk ever took over 10 to 12 minutes to finish reading. I just finished another disk that tool only 10 minutes to complete reading.

    My DMA is enabled already and set to Ultra DMA 5.

    I suspect there may be a problem with the particular movie "Queen" and that was the point of the question.

  8. Webslinger

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    There might be for a full disc backup, provided you're in region 2. However, people in region 2 didn't report that it took over 2 hours. Chances are there's an issue with your original disc (bad pressing, slightly warped, scratched, etc.) that's causing a long time to read properly.
  9. sparkym5

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    Queen region 2 movie only, 24mins in total to encode and burn to disc using AnyDvd and CloneDvd
  10. calcu007

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    Ultra DMA 5 is for your hard disk. Did you check the setting for your dvd-rom?
  11. gknyc

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    DVD-ROM set to DMA 2.
    Regardless of that, all other movies I backup take aroudn 10 minutes to complete. So, I don't think it is a DMA issue. I think I will buy the problematic disk angle since this is a stand-alone incident and the copy produced played just fine. Thanks.
  12. Mike

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    :clap: Hey thanks for that DMA information!!! :D
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    Anytime. We Mikes have to stick together or something...