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Discussion in 'CloneDVD' started by Jalabar, May 8, 2007.

  1. Jalabar

    Jalabar Well-Known Member

    When picking the CD drive my movie is in to begin ripping with CloneDVD. I get a percentage at the bottom of screen. Usually around 55%. Is this supposed to read 100%?

    If I put in a back up I made. And go through the process of ripping it. The back up always reads 100%.

    What is normal here.

    Screenshot 1

    Screenshot 2
  2. SamuriHL

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    A commercial dvd is dual layered, holding up to 9 gigs of data. A writable dvd holds about 4.7 gigs. Therefore the movie has to be compressed to fit on the writable disc. That quality bar shows you how much compression is going to be needed to make it fit. The reason backups show 100% is because if you were to backup a backup, the compression was already done before, so it will therefore fit with no further compression.
  3. Crusher

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    Couldn't have said it better myself :clap:
  4. mike20021969

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    to increase image quality,uncheck any titles you dont need.
    you can increase the quality a lot if you uncheck titles you dont need to copy,DTS sound (if you dont need it) and 6 channel sound (sometimes though if you only have 2 channel you get directors comments as the default on the copied movie which is annoying as you waste a disc unless you use a rewritable as a test).
  5. customshopkv1

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    Stick with 6 channel sound to avoid directors comments. It just makes life easier. :D
  6. Rich86

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    adding to the responses you already have . .
    I would suggest you change the output size indicator to the left of the quality bar to "DVD+R DL" when ripping to your hard drive. That should change the percentage to "100%" - and you will not further compress the video during the first step of your process.
    Then, open CloneDVD2 with the ripped files as your input, change the size indicator back to dvd-5, and peruse what you have, eliminating anything you do not really care about as a means to save space. Be careful about selecting audio tracks to keep to make sure you end up with what you want (ie. don't leave yourself with only a director's commentary or something like that) - and also subtitles (in case your film has some forced subtitles that jump on and off only when needed for certain scenes).
    When you have unchecked the items you don't care about to save space, you can burn your backup. The program will run the transcoding routine if necessary - creating something to burn from in a temporary space, then burn from that space, and delete it when done (if you have checked the box telling it to delete the temporary space).
  7. sockeye

    sockeye Well-Known Member

    This method that you have suggested is a good one if you are going to do further processing with a third party proggie before compressing......
    However nothing will be gained by ripping to a DVD9 file, then using CloneDVD again to remove material and compress, because all of this can be done on the first round.
    Additionally, I would suggest burning to hard drive first, using DVD Files as the output method to preview the results with a pc player, before burning to DVD.
  8. Jalabar

    Jalabar Well-Known Member

    Thank you. I did not realize that quality bar was for compression. I've always just completely cloned a DVD not taking into consideration that it all needs to be compressed. I think I will try to backup a DVD using the Title menu in CloneDVD. Thx again everyone.