Purchasing a new license from RedFox and use protonmail then please read!

Discussion in 'Purchase and License Keys' started by nebostrangla, Jun 18, 2016.

  1. nebostrangla

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    As the title states if you haven't already purchased and are planning to do so. Please be advised that if you use protonmail.com as the email address your license keys may not come through attached. Myself and several other users have had this issue. So you might want to consider a different email client. I thought I would put up a post about it. After a couple of attempts support was finally able to send them through attached but I have no idea how. Maybe ivan or someone else in support could look into it and solve another problem that is not there own.
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    I would use a free e-mail service like Yahoo! or Google, or if you went to college and graduated, and still have an alumni e-mail address, you can use that, or even your local ISP (Internet Service Provider) as the one to send your RedFox software information to.

    For my first RedFox purchase, I used my local ISP--Comcast, and it went through without a hitch. For my second one, I used Gmail, and I got the license again without any problems whatsoever.

    Now, when I purchase a third one, I'll probably use my Alumni e-mail client, since I paid for the use of it to keep abreast of the goings on at the College I graduated from, and I assume from the previous history of using Slysoft for it in the past that I should be Ok in using that e-mail address as well.
  3. nebostrangla

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    The only reason even used it is for the encryption algorithm it has. So I could archive and not have to worry about someone accessing without consent. It is still a nice email client for what it can do. And it's FREE!!!!
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    I had the same problem with ProtonMail and I was able to get my licenses only after Ivan intervened and dealt with me direct. However I wrote to ProtonMail complaining about their practice of removing attachments without informing the intended recipient. I was advised by ProtonMail that it did no such thing. I asked Ivan if he could take the matter up with ProtonMail as they suggested the fault might lie with the size of the attachment, However I was using ProtonMail because my ISP had been blacklisted by RedFox; Ivan has since posted that the issue of RedFox being blacklisted is almost resolved with most of the ISPS removing RedFox from their blacklists. Still I would like to hear Ivan's view about the ProtonMail mystery.
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    Problem here is RedFox has no control what your ISP does or wants to do you. Why don't you make a free email from yahoo or gmail and avoid all this problem.
  6. antipodes

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    All my problems are resolved and I have my RedFox license. The only problem now is why emails processed by ProtonMail are having the license key attachments removed. Attachments relating to order details got through to me but the original license keys which were resent to me by the support team did not get through.
    So if ProtonMail are not removing the attachments what is?
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  7. nebostrangla

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    Protonmail is free also and it has something those others don't. What's that you ask? Encryption. And it's also located in a country that has tougher privacy laws. So no thanks. This issue will be resolved because ivan is looking into it . Google and Microsoft are the last two email client's I want to use for RedFox purchasing.
  8. nordman

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    I'm a Protonmail user, and can confirm that the attachments are still not attached as of this date. Just sent a ticket in to RedFox support.