Purchased LTL with CC and 1 hour later I had a fraudulent charge from China

Discussion in 'Purchase and License Keys' started by dannyz, Jun 9, 2016.

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    I sent in all of the details 2 days ago and no one responded so I'm moving my complaint from private communications with redfox.bz to the public forum. I've never heard of the company that fraudulently charged my account.

    My bank cancelled the credit card that I used to order from RedFox and I of course had to change all of the auto payments (e.g. Amazon, New Egg, Verizon, my auto insurance).

    I understand that these things can happen. But I don't understand why Red Fox's response to my detailed message was only silence.

    If it is going to take awhile to prevent other customers the order with credit cards from getting fraudulent charges, it is what it is. But a simple acknowledgement or 'we'll get back with you' would have been fine.

    I like your product and you tech support, but your business support appears to suck big time.
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    The charge was not fradulent at all the payment processor is asian in this case China there was no need for the Bank to cancel your card your purchase had the bank let it go through was perfectly legit what you should have done is called the bank and told them you were going to make an overseas purchase.

    Many banks are blocking purchases with Credit debit cards nothing new about that many of us could not purchase a new LTL for redfox without first calling the bank and telling them to let it go through.
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    If you'll take a look around this forum section you'll see the Chinese charge IS REDFOX. They use an Asian payment processor, there's nothing fraudulent about it. All it you need to do is call your bank and say you authorized the charge. Due to the nature of the software of anydvd, the MPAA/aacs-la don't like payment procedures accepting payments for such tools. Thus they need to be a little creative to get them. Slysoft did the exact same thing.
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    Nope! You are both wrong.

    I received the first charge for $98.16 and a second charge an hour later for a bit over $100. So if it wasn't fraudulent, I was charged twice on the same credit card at different prices.

    I also note that neither of you addressed the non-response to my original query using your web form. BTW, web forms are generally used to reduce the amount of email that your staff has to deal with and leave the submitter with no records other than a copy/past to text or a screen shot. The better ones, send a copy of the submission to the submitter - your's doesn't.
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    Since no one here can view your invoice this has no merits. More or less you were charged international fee that made your purchase higher. Seems like one saw the purchase price and then was later charged a international fee transaction and wrongly assumed without looking over the transaction. If one read the purchase email it will tell you already there will be a charge fee for international purchase and failure to read that is the user.
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    Either I was charged twice, at different prices for 1 license key, or I was charged once and the second was a fraud.

    The actual price presented on the website before purchase was $98.96 (my previouos statement $98.16 was from memory and incorrect).

    But once again, MY PRIMARY COMPLAINT WAS NO RESPONSE TO THE WEB FORM. Reread my original post.
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    Well, since this is a user forum, no one here can see the web form or see what happened. The only ones that can are Redfox Support. And if you've read any posts here, you should realize they are being slammed right now. A little patience and maybe a PM to @Ivan would have been a much better response. Might still be to see what happened.
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    We cannot help you on the forums . Please use this link.
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    My Visa is from a Federal Credit Union in the USA. Many years ago, my first purchase was for TextPad in the UK. I received a call to confirm the purchase. I used the same Visa card to order multiple Redfox licenses without a problem. Try belonging to a Credit Union than a Bank. Fees are lower and better service!
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    Most people didn't have any issues at all because like you they have a brain and know how to make a transaction. Some people have issues, very few though.
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