Purchase with Mastercard not working.

Discussion in 'Purchase and License Keys' started by surfer, Nov 5, 2020.

  1. surfer

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    I'm trying to purchase Anydvd with my Mastercard and I get this error:

    Order not processed!
    Payment PGN-4M7 for Order ODE-5CX over 109.00 EUR Reference #153527950 has failed: 101084: High risk

    I called Mastercard a few times and they did not see a problem and they claim they do not have a whitelist.
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  2. surfer

    surfer New Member

    I tried the order 2 times and both times I was emailed this message:

    Your card issuing bank has refused our charge. Please, call them and tell
    them to accept charges from 'GBPAY*aroman' in China. Your card issuer will
    lift this restriction when you tell them to do so.

    Once your card issuer has white-listed us, go to our website and re-order.

    I used my Mastercard a few times yesterday to verify it works locally.
  3. Boomhaueruk

    Boomhaueruk Member

    Well, it's at least reassuring your message was one of the same locations as mine.
    Still doesn't explain why otherwise working Mastercard's aren't working.
  4. Boomhaueruk

    Boomhaueruk Member

    Nothing from anyone else. So, is that it then, if you have a legitimate, working Mastercard you can't purchase Redfox products?
  5. RedFox 1

    RedFox 1 Super Moderator

    Its been like that for a while, if you search through the forums there are workarounds but its hit and miss. Try BTC it works everytime.
  6. Boomhaueruk

    Boomhaueruk Member

    I won't be using Bitcoin. Quite happy with my protected credit card thanks! A currency I mostly see asking for payments on scam emails isn't going to be getting my money moving into it. I know others have had good experiences, but this is too significant an amount and frankly your response isn't giving me confidence that would make me take any leap!

    Sorry - workaround? 'Hit and miss'?
    This is credit cards, not a software patch!

    How is anyone supposed to feel confident in your business if there's no explanation as to why you can't accept legitimate credit cards reliably!

    So - what is the problem?
    Also - why the two locations and companies?

    It's not complicated to take a credit card payment.
  7. Ch3vr0n

    Ch3vr0n Translator NL & Mod

    It's not complicated if you don't deal in software decryption tools and can use a first class international payment provider. Redfox can't do that, it's extremely complicated for them to find a reliable working psp, precisely because they deal in decryption tools. Payment providers aren't very willing to process such payments.

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  8. RedFox 1

    RedFox 1 Super Moderator

    Well in this case it is quite complicated as you have so aptly put it. As Ch3vr0n explained.
  9. Boomhaueruk

    Boomhaueruk Member

    Just saying "It's complicated" isn't explaining why. Saying "software decryption tools" is the reason doesn't explain why Mastercard hasn't actually seen a request for payment or why your system asked me to call my credit card company and ask for allowing of payments from two different companies - when the Credit card company hasn't seen any requested for verification at all from either.

    Calling Bitcoin a "First class international payment provider" also isn't justifying anything, it's just making a statement which ignores the issues a lot of people have with that payment method from a buyers persepctive.

    What method of recovering funds do I have if this payment turns out to be fradulent with Bitcoin?
    Something which, whilst I may not, I have every right to feel I need after I follow the vendors payment processes, am told to whilelist two seperate companies in China and Latvia, try to and find that, not only has my credit card provider no record of a payment request, but that the company themselves won't explain why that's the case or what's being done to address it?

    (How did that sound to my credit company btw? To my bank? Whitelisting companies in China and Latvia for the same transaction of which they have no record?)
    It was, at best, an uncomfortable call.

    With a credit card, or paypal, if I have an issue - I reclaim my funds. With bitcoin - which requires a lot of setting up on my part in the first place - none whatsoever. Money's gone.
    Which is one reason - it's ability to be untraceable a second - it's used for internet scams.

    Now, I'll take a step back. I doubt - very very highly doubt - this is a fraudulent situation. There's a forum, demo of software, history of validity.
    But I certainly don't feel comfortable right now, with nothing to give me that confidence except broad statements and no actual explanation of how to use a valid credit card where I can feel protected (and surely it's understandable given what's happened here to date).

    The representative of the company actually said above "if you search through the forums there are workarounds but its hit and miss" about credit cards - then pushed Bitcoin. Not an explanation. Forums. Workarounds.

    Why list credit cards if they don't work? There are other ways of getting payment, but this is a significant sum, some protection is surely to be expected. Not everyone trusts Bitcoin.

    I'm sure Bitcoin does "work every time". For the vendor. But if that money dissapears and I'm left without product, what recourse do I have?

    In those circumstances, am I likely to invest hundreds of Euros?
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  10. Ch3vr0n

    Ch3vr0n Translator NL & Mod

    Actually it is. Copyright protection removal tools are highly frowned upon by payment service providers. Feel free to ask a first class provider such as "Digital River", Paypal, Stripe,Atos, Klarna, Sofort... if they're open to accepting payments for developers that let a user backup commercial DVD/BD's by circumventing copyright measures in place. I guarantee you, you will get a NO 100% of the times. Which means when you deal in such tools that circumvent copyright measures, you're bound to using less top knotch providers. That's just a fact.

    Nobody here is calling bitcoin a first class international payment provider. I certainly didn't. The whole point of bitcoin (and other cryptocurrency) is a decentralised platform. There is no single governing body that states what someone can or can't buy with their crypto. You send the coins > the network (miners) process/confirm the coin transfer > recipient receives coins.

    With developers like Redfox, as long as you wouldn't make a typo in the coin address (easily avoided by copy/pasting it), you'd have the same chance as any other one. They'd just refund the cryptocoins

    Whitelisting a merchant isn't that uncommon if you place oversees orders from a place you don't shop a lot at.

    True, but its also a first class provider. Feel free to ask them if they're willing to process payments for tools such as AnyDVD. Oh wait, i already know the answer. NO.

    Many sites make it seem a lot harder than it actually is. Take the electrum bitcoin software wallet for example. You install it on your PC, it generates a secure seed (which you use to for example access your wallet on a smartphone too, or if you reinstall windows. You enter the seed again and boom. Wallet access. As long as you keep your seed secure, nobody's getting in. You can then go to any bitcoin atm in your area, check out coinradar.com, you click "buy", pick an amount, pay for it and let the atm scan your QR code generated by the app on your phone for example (it's what i do). Quick and easy.

    Of course it isn't fraudulent or you'd see a ton of unhappy topics.

    That's you're right, nobody's going to force you to do anything.

    They said that because that's the place where users post methods that work for them. And for the record, most problems are for the USA region.

    They DO work, YOUR card doesn't. Don't generalise things.
    Feel free to post such methods, just dont suggest paypal though. Already said above why.

    Using a credit card is no different. If you pay by cc on a standard shop like ebay/amazon. There's rotten apples on there too that don't respond when you don't get your product, experienced it first hand. Doing a chargeback aint easy or quick.

    Nobody but you can answer that.
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  11. Boomhaueruk

    Boomhaueruk Member

    I've never had any problems purchasing anything else - DVDFab included. Bought loads of add ones, paid their monthly charge. Not once, not a single time have I had an issue - let alone repeated issues and I buy a lot of software for various clients and myself.
    I'm not saying you're not right about Paypal et al, but it's strange how the other providers in the same space I simply haven't had an issue with.
    I have had to unblock a supplier - but let's be clear, that's not what happened here - that payment never reached the bank.

    Plus the messages ask to unblock different companies in different countries.
    That's not fantastically reassuring.

    Which is fine, if you trust the platform - I don't. Or trust Redfox (for the moment). And why exactly should I right now?
    I've used a working credit card, but no explanation - just a push to a cryptocurrency. It hardly feels like something I'd risk given the amount.

    Had no issue doing so, tried. But to be clear, the payment hadn't reached my provider.

    Except I literally purchased DVDFAB on a second platform with the same card about 3 weeks ago. As usual - as it has been when adding components, fine.
    As it was when my friend purchased it a few months back on my recommendation - and every time anyone I've recommended it to has. If there was an issue it was passing - customer service excellent. Never had anything but quick responses.

    Now right now, I'd like a second tool to do the same thing - ran the trial, seemed great.
    But what's it been - a few weeks? No solutions on here, just people basically telling me'
    "Pay with bitcoin" No thank you.
    "Bitcoins great" You're entitled to your opinion
    "The mastercard/credit card situation is understandable" No, it really isn't - not to this extent
    "The credit card situation is intermittent" Well, I'm on attempt 4 on 2 cards tried on 3 browsers so far, both happily purchasing other software and - to date - not one payment has even shown up on my card providers system from redfox - or any of these other companies they ask to whitelist in messages.

    I don't trust bitcoin. I have no reason to. I have lots of reaons not to.
    So to be clear - no thank you. I'd like the Mastercard issue(s) sorted so I can pay this company 100's of Euros please.

    And you'll note I mentioned I very much doubted it was. But scams come in many forms - I don't think this is one, even now, but I'm sure as dammit not setting up my first cryptocurrency transaction for a sum I can't afford to lose.
    So if we could drop this and Redfox could focus on getting Credit cards sorted, or an alternative payment method such as 'it that can not be named' which offers me protection, I'd appreciate it.

    I'm in Europe, for the record.

    Which card - both?
    Also - there are other posts on here saying the same thing - and the chap above said there are 'workarounds'.


    Don't make things specific, there's obviously a general problem.
    If it was MY card, how come THEY exist? (Workarounds, POSTS, other PEOPLE with problems, take your PICK)

    I'll post as I please and suggest what seems sensible, your assertions are demonstably not eh case.
    I've no intention of being stymied because you favour other methods than Paypal, I'm simply trying to get a product bought and am raising how suspicious the issues Redfox are having look. I'm happy to use a credit card. Happy to use Paypal. It offers customer protection. Surely - that's understandable? Even if you don't like it or think there's some mysterious reason this company is the exception.

    So. I'll ask a different question.

    Redfox - have you worked out why Mastercard doesn't work?
    I see new threads from others with the same issue.
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  12. Ch3vr0n

    Ch3vr0n Translator NL & Mod

    The part about not suggesting PayPal isn't that we don't want you suggesting it, but that it is NEVER going to happen. Not by redfox's choice, but PayPal's. They refuse to process payments for developers of tools such as anydvd.

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  13. Boomhaueruk

    Boomhaueruk Member

    Fair enough, thank you for clarifying - and for the record - I don't need Paypal.
    I need a Mastercard payment on a credit card - not a debit card - to work.

    One little thing though - DVDfab - who you mentioned above - take Paypal.

    I'm simply attempting to flag that - whether legitimate or not - the situation doesn't look legitimate when multiple different companies are being flagged for whitelisting in multiple countries, payment requests aren't actually reaching banks, despite messages from the company saying that's happened and then cryptocurrencies are pushed hard - with long defenses of them in forums and justifications/comparisons with other companies I can attest simply aren't the case.
    Oh and the onus is placed on a customers cards, as if in an isolated incident that's on them, when mutliple issues are on the forums.

    And yet, and yet, if the credit card payments work...I will purchase the software. You still have a potential customer. Albeit a frustrated one.
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  14. BRCS

    BRCS Well-Known Member

    Fab does not take paypal unless you have a paypal debit mastercard which is what I used just recently to purchasea product from them I had no problem with my paypal business mastercard purchasing AnyStream a few weeks agoJFYI
  15. Darqman

    Darqman Member

    I used a MasterCard and got a fraud alert. I approved it and was able to complete transaction.
  16. Neil Davis

    Neil Davis Member

    I got a Mastercard debit card from Paypal and it worked fine to purchase AnyStream. It failed the first time I tried it because I hadn't enabled the "automatic top-up" feature. But once I did that, Paypal pulled out $150 from the linked bank account and used $142 to pay GxPay *xxxxxxx, and left $8 in my Paypal account. Before I enabled automatic top-up, the purchase was declined because there wasn't any money in my Paypal account. Redfox sent me an email instructing me to call them and accept charges from GxPay, but that wasn't the problem: I just hadn't put any money into my account, and hadn't set up a top-up link for the Mastercard.

    I had a difficult time buying AnyDVD with Bitcoins using Coinme, and was only able to get a license because of the great customer service here. This transaction was much easier. There were fees that made the price around $9 higher, but the process was easy and risk-free.
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