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    Is there a way to make AnyDVD/ AnyDVD Ripper remove ALL PUOs. This is getting to be rather a hassle to rip with AnyDVD Ripper, then load PGCEdit and remove VTS PUOs, then load IFOEdit, remove all IFO PUOs, then load, then load, then load. I bought AnyDVD (three times for lost keys) and HD (twice) for various reasons, and love the software, but please!
    This is just a standard disc, and only one of the steps, but it shows what I refer to by AnyDVD not removing PUOs on rips.

    Big ones that really bother me are jump prohibitions on cells, and seek blocks. Menu calls are quite useful for those of us who do some custom tweaks to our players, and the time seeks are useful for jumping through PART of the previews, features....
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    I get a few at times very rare but I use freedvd. 99% of the time if you use anydvd and clonedvd there is no UOP's.
  3. James

    James Redfox Development Team Staff Member

    AnyDVD should remove all PUOs from VOBs and IFOs. What exactly does it miss and how can I verify that it does?
  4. lostinlodos

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    Everything that had a check mark was missed, in that picture. Those are all IFO PUOs, on the DVD Life Gamble, R:3. Last weekend, I had issues of missed PUOs (time code search lock-out) on Awake R:1, Shepherd; Border Patrol R:1, TRON Disney Super Edition R:1, 4, ....
    AnyDVD also misses VOB search lock-outs on the entire Celestial Shaw Brothers library, all R:3 (I own about 90% of it so far).

    I use PGCEdit to remove the PUOs at this point and that would probably be the best way for you to verify the discs:
    main program
    for the PUO Plugin
    Install the plugin into the correct folder for your system, see the read me. To remove the PUOs and see what is being missed, load up a DVD rip into the main program. Under the DVD tab, click Filter PUOs. That will show you any missed IFO PUOs. Then, you can go to the plugins menu and click through on the PUO plugin. When you click filter/remove VOB plugins, you can watch the bottom of the program screen to see how many VOB plugins are removed, or load up the program log.
    If you know a free (or low-price) one step screen recorder, I could record a start to finish video for you to see exactly where the issues are.
  5. James

    James Redfox Development Team Staff Member

    Can you check the PUOs with IFOEdit? As far as I can see they are all cleared by AnyDVD.
    Does this problem only happen with specific titles? If yes, can post AnyDVD_Info files?
  6. lostinlodos

    lostinlodos Well-Known Member

    I hope none of this comes off as being arrogant or mean spirited, I appreciate the company responding to the issues I brought up, James!

    AnyDVD-HD RIPPER misses the ANGLE and GROUP locks (VOB PUOs) on all REGION:1 DVDs

    AnyDVD-HD RIPPER misses the KARAOKE AUDIO MIX CHANGE PUO on combined audio track DVDs and many Western R:1 and R:2 DVDs. While this missed VOB PUO would not be a problem on most Western DVDs, if at all, it's a HUGE issue on many re-releases of classic Chinese and Thai films that are simply DVD transfers from VCDs. The audio tracks are transferred directly as a single multi-channel audio track. The KARAOKE AUDIO MIX CHANGE lockout blocks computer VCD players (Nero Showtime, VCD 360) (and some standalone players, i.e. Durabrand 1002, Samsung v1000, LG SuperMulti BD-HVD2) from being able to change the audio channel within a stream. Many of these films are entirely cell code video, which do not allow time code and scrollbar searching and bar bookmarking and thus requires a complete restart of the disc to the opening menu, and replaying the film from the beginning. Most of these discs allow you to chose from a menu among audio tracks titled simply; “Track 1, Track 2” or the like making it difficult to find the correct original track simply from the menu. This also affects many newer Karaoke discs.

    The reason for the PUO is to bar on-the-fly and adaptive ripping of a single or split channel audio track, as many Karaoke DVDs contain an 8-channel audio track (split-joint stereo: Cantonese, Mandarin, and Japanese or Korean audio and the mono Karaoke track), since most Karaoke album DVDs cost lest than the audio disc version and still have all the songs. Why it's set on many film DVDs is beyond me, but they made the disc and can do whatever they what I guess.

    AnyDVD-HD Ripper seems to be confused on R:7 discs (Japanese "Media" discs). Don't worry, DVD Decrypter and DVD Shrink appear to be equally dumbfounded asking for me to enter the correct region and then telling me that the region isn't real or doesn't match! AnyDVD-HD Ripper just seems to take longer on these discs (which have NO other protection other than the R:7 coding). More of an annoyance than a problem.

    My suggestions would be to:
    A) Remove the time and search lock PUO. It makes jumping around in the previews easier, rather than watching them all straight through if we've already seen one. An especially useful function on Sony R:1 and Shaw Releasing R:3,4,6 films that have 8-12+ minutes of previews that overlap in many places with other film openings from those companies.
    B) Set AnyDVD-HD Ripper to dig a little deeper. Make it an advanced option with warnings to have it remove the remaining PUOs beyond the above mentioned one, especially the ones on menus for R:3 Celestial DVDs. (I'll post the logs for those in a few days). Something along the lines of... "Removing the structural PUOs may cause compatibility issues on some older players" but it would be useful for those of us who enjoy Asian imports. Will cause issues with primarily PowerDVD and WinDVD, but great on most other software players that simply freeze up the menu when fast-forwarded to the end with a no-jump stop call. Great on many Lions' Gate and Dimension films that have a forever lasting lead-in on the main menu and those long lead-outs (Ant Bully, Bee Movie, Harry Potter films) when switching between menu screens, periods where BOC actions don't work
    C) Have the ripper verify time codes. Invalid time codes is a copy protection. It does little to a straight rip such as using AnyDVD-HD Ripper but disrupts mobile rip/conversions. Audio, video and subtitle disruptions are commonplace when ripping a DVD VOB series to another format such as DivX, MPEG-4, or Windows Media.
    This is a relativity easy and simple function that would add very little time to the ripping process, but would save a large amount of time rebuilding timecodes individually later. Invalid or mismatched timecodes are common on Media Asia, Sony (especially Sony Pictures Classics and Sony Home Entertainment releases) and the various Disney (MGM, Disney Films, Buena Vista...) branded releases. It's noticeable as a black screen or pause at the beginning or ending of a VOB when played back in standard DVD fromat. They cause no real problem in standard playback but cause issues with audio syncing and subtitles/captioning streams (both internal and secondary) when ripped to a mobile format using CloneDVD Mobile and others (Nero Recode, Jodex DVD converter et al). The sync issue of a ripped conversion is most noticeable on films longer than 2 hours and is horrendous on films over 3 hours long (i.e. American Gangster Extended Version, Chak De India).






    I'll give that a try tonight and see if IFOEdit comes up with the same missed PUOs as PGCEdit does. I'm not sure how that will help out on the missed VOB PUOs 'though.

    :edit: not sure if it makes a difference, but I'm using the beta release! :)

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    Any news here?
  8. James

    James Redfox Development Team Staff Member

    I don't know, how this is possible, AnyDVD zeroes all PUOs, it doesn't care about its meaning.

    It does.

    I don't know where it could go deeper. Please check PUOs with IFOEdit, show me where they are missed.

    Okay, VOB PUOs are a different story. In your previous post you were talking about missed PUOs in IFO files...

    Last time you said:

  9. James

    James Redfox Development Team Staff Member

    Just checked the PUO removal code in the driver, and it should work fine (all PUOs are removed - if they are removed). This is a little difficult to test, as this code needs to be tested from a real disc.

    Can you check PUO removal on the discs in question with VOBEdit?

    Are you sure that there are any values 'left'?
    Stupid question - are you sure, that PUO removal is enabled in AnyDVD?
  10. lostinlodos

    lostinlodos Well-Known Member

    Yep, it's on and selected, that was something I checked after I made the first post (just to be sure).

    IFOEdit is also giving me the same notices about missed IFO & VOB PUOs as PGCEdit. I loaded IFOEdit; clicked open from the lower left of the panel, and started with the VIDEO_TS.IFO file, which was fine. I then loaded individually the VIDEO_XX_TS.IFO files which is where the missed PUOs all came up.

    What it looks like is that AnyDVD-HD Ripper is removing the PUOs from VIDEO_TS.IFO file only, and missing the VIDEO_XX_TS.IFO files. Included in this is yet another DVD that is full of missed PUOs.

    Interesting thing to note; when I rip the DVD with AnyDVD-HD Ripper it misses the PUOs. When I simply copy the files manually with AnyDVD Running in the background; or use CloneDVD, MOST of the problem PUOs are removed, leaving only some of the more off-track ones, such as the karaoke selections.

    When I chose to create a log file, is it copying the raw files (no AnyDVD running) or the edited, ripped AnyDVD IFOs? Should I send you the Before AnyDVD (original), Ripped, and then IFOEdit/PGCEdit modified IFOs for you to compare the differences? Also; are you asking for a screen-shot of IFOEdit? I can't think of any other way to "show" you they are missed.

    Next step; VOBEdit. That's still at sourceforge, I hope!? I just got this week's shipment for my Celestial DVDs so I'll run them all through this weekend and post a logs zip on Monday.

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    Tuesday update:

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  12. James

    James Redfox Development Team Staff Member

    I tried hard to reproduce this problem, but I can't.... :(
    All this doesn't make sense, especially AnyDVD ripper behaving differently. It reads the .IFOs from the disc via the filesystem as IFOEdit or CloneDVD, so I don't understand what's going on. I am suspecting a system issue, but your system looks as clean as it can be.

    Let's try it the other way around:
    Do you have The Matrix, R1 (first release with "follow the white rabbit")?
    I am asking, because almost everyone owns this disc.

    If yes, can you check PUOs there?
  13. lostinlodos

    lostinlodos Well-Known Member

    No; but I'll see if I can find a copy somewhere. That, or any other suggestion titles?
  14. calcu007

    calcu007 Well-Known Member

    I didn'i know that was a white rabbit. Where is it?
  15. lostinlodos

    lostinlodos Well-Known Member

    Three more (including R:3 discs)

    Apple Seed; Ex Machina R:1
    Missed everything

    Missed most

    The Knight Of Knights R:3
    Missed most

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  16. James

    James Redfox Development Team Staff Member

    I am completely at loss. AnyDVD PUO removal *has to* work with this disc. Nothing special...

    Please try this:

    AnyDVD must be running (let it run all the time). Insert the disc in question (Apple Seed). Avoid starting AnyDVD while the disc already in the drive, someone might hold open handles to files on the disc.

    Open VTS_01_0.IFO with IFOEdit. Click and expand VTS_PGCITI.

    Check PGC 1-11, Prohibited user operations should all be clear. Are they?

    Now do the same for VTS2 - VTS5. All clear? Or did AnyDVD miss some of them?
  17. calcu007

    calcu007 Well-Known Member

    I check them all, and they are set to 0. I don't know why the poster said that anydvd not remove them
  18. calcu007

    calcu007 Well-Known Member

    Did you read the "Prohibited User Operatios" windows in PGedit? It says that is not recomended to remove ANGLE and GROUP PUOs. Here is a pic of Appleseed.
    Anydvd is working as supposed to be. I think that the user dont know how to use the program.

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  19. lostinlodos

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    Calcu, check the photo jpegs in my posts; that's very different than what I got.

    As for the "not recommended" it all depends on what you're doing. Using the files on a computer drive, with computer DVD software, or high-end or real low-end crap home players, you won't have a problem, it will follow the VOB commands for a go:to when it reaches a bad terminate. I use the GoUp command in Nero ShowTime (programmed ini function) for returning to the last used VTS, often useful on cell-coded DVDs to switch between audio tracks when the menu is shared-VOB sequential and there's no call-code, without a DVD restart. It's a player INI mod suggested over on AVS quite some time ago with great results reported.
    As for AngleChange; it's quite useful on 99% of Chinese VCD transfer films that use multi-track VOBs for switching between variations of the film (i.e. restored and un-restored).

    James; when I load the IFOs off he disc with AnyDVD running in the background it clears out all of the IFO PUOs and most of the VOB PUOs, though the Karaoke and GoUp tags are still missed. It's the AnyDVD-Ripper results that have them all reset to on. So I deduce that the problem is in the ripper function, eh? Time code protection is still missed every-way.

    Just for the record; I start AnyDVD-HD.
    Then once it's loaded insert the disc.
    I then run the ripper.

    The picture IS of VTS_01_0.IFO
  20. calcu007

    calcu007 Well-Known Member

    My picture is of VTS_01_0.IFO