Pulling HD clips from blu ray motion pictures

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    Hello, all:

    I am a long time video shooter and editor and I use premiere pro as my software. I've been asked to produce a blu-ray disc for a holiday party of a collection of holiday movie clips which will play in the background of the party from a blu ray player. (Elf, A Christmas Story, Scrooged, etc.) I downloaded the 21 day free trial of Any DVD HD and Clone BD to try it out and have been having some problems. I'm wondering if the trial version is the "full" version, or it's limited? I tried pulling some clips from "Elf" this evening and I don't seem to have the options for "output quality", as I am looking for HD clips to edit together into a 2 hour real of "favorite" holiday movie clips. (1920 x 1080) Does anyone know if I'm missing functions on the trial version?

    Thank you,

  2. Ch3vr0n

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    Anydvd HD is a decrypted/ripper only. It has ZERO capabilities for authoring or output quality. The ripper rips AS IS. Any modifications you want to do need to be fine in a another program. The only 'limitation' the trial has over full is the 21d duration and it can't access the online protection database. That's all.

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  3. mmdavis

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    I believe he was referring to CloneBD which he mentions.
  4. Ch3vr0n

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    And he also did mention anydvd HD. The process to pull clips through CloneBD would be to make a partial copy, select the title(s) and the format. On the next screen you then should be able to define the quality through the slider on the top

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  5. TMichael

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    Thank you, folks. I will dig a little further and hopefully find my way.

    Any other advice for this first timer is appreciated.

  6. Kerry56

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    Sounds like you need a tool that can cut and paste Blu-ray, which is not simple. First off, there are three different video codecs that can be used in Blu-ray movies. And there are half a dozen different audio codecs. To simplify things it would help to select movies that use the same type of video and audio. Examine the main m2ts file within the Streams folder of your Blu-ray with MediaInfo to find out the specifications.

    You might want to try the trial of TMPGEnc Authoring Works 5. But even it doesn't work with VC-1 video, so you'll need to avoid using a Blu-ray with that codec.

    And you'll need to decrypt and rip first with AnyDVD HD of course.

    It might be simpler to use DVD-video instead. There is only one video codec, mpeg2, and there are several tools available that can work with it well. I'd suggest VideoRedo TV Suite.
  7. TMichael

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    Thank you folks for your direction. Boy. I guess I thought this would be a breeze, but for the life of me, I can't seem to get what I need from Clone BD for my purposes. Perhaps Kerry is onto something? I understand that AnyDVD HD is simply to remove the protection from Blu Ray discs and Clone BD (at least, I'm led to believe) is the software I would use to create the HD clips from the Blu Ray movies, which I could then import into Premiere Pro?

    That was my plan, based on some research I did before starting the project. It seemed Clone BD is what I needed. I want to import the HD film clips into Premiere Pro (in HD quality) and go to town on the editing. When completed, I planned burn the final to a blank blu ray to be projected on a movie theater screen in a few days. Seems fairly simple, but I have not been having any luck with Clone. My first attempt, using the "scissors" tool to select the scene that I wanted, DID produce some clips, but they were 640 x 480. (not HD) And, not to mention, those weren't the correct aspect ratio. (16:9)

    I assumed there would be settings somewhere in Clone to select the quality of the outputted clips, as well as being able to select the format/codecs, etc. (as mentioned on the reply post from Ch3vr0n) On my copy of Clone BD, I can't find this quality selection tool anywhere.

    I probably sound like a dope, but I really didn't expect to be having this much difficulty, but I've been wrong before. I remember in the "olden days", I would simply "capture" a movie clip (standard definition) with Premiere, by playing it through a DVD player and capturing the footage inside Premiere. I figured using the raw HD files would be even easier. Wrong again.

    Thanks again, all.

  8. Hawk

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    I have experience with premiere pro and may able to help. If so can you tell which version you are using of premiere pro.
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  9. TMichael

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    Thank you in advance. I'm pulling my hair out.

    I'm using CS5 of premiere.

    Hope that helps....

    Thank you again,

  10. Hawk

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    I am on it. I think 5.5 is not much different.

    In the mean time can you import test clip and see if you can import it. You want to download the clip instead of viewing it.

    Test File

    Also I recommend read
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  11. TMichael

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    Thank you, Hawk. However, I actually found success with a completely different program. I'm beginning to believe my Clone BD may have some bugs, or is missing options. Thank you again!