PSP-What's the advantage of multiple passes and why use 720X480?

Discussion in 'CloneDVD mobile' started by anderdea, Sep 4, 2007.

  1. anderdea

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    I have a PSP with Firmware 3.4.
    (1) What is the advantage running multiple passes when converting the DVD to MP4? I have a 4GB memory card so I usually set the conversion to a high rate anyway, returning a 700MB to 900MB file size any way.

    (2) do I gain anything by upping the rate from 480X272 to 720X480? I tried 720X480 with a double pass on a 2.5 hr DVD and it took all night to run the conversion. I didn't notice any difference on playback from the 2 pass run at 480X272.

    Thanks, Don
  2. Zeratul

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    1 - the multiple passes allow cdvdm to set better quality for the same amount of space.
    (ie dark parts need less quality while light ones need more, without two passes its all basically the same quality)

    2 - that would depend on the physical screen limitations.
    im not sure of the psp screen size, but if the psp screen is 480x272 then you wont notice any difference at all, if you decided to take the movie off you psp and watch on a computer or such then it would make a difference though.

    if you arent planning on doing that and especially if you cant tell the difference, i would probably stick with the smallest file to save room on your card.
  3. Scarpad

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    Also the New PSP Model, the PSP Slim coming this month has a TV Out, so the 720x480 would look better on a tv.