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Discussion in 'CloneDVD mobile' started by Chance316, Dec 16, 2007.

  1. Chance316

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    Hi, new Clone DVD user with a problem...

    I've been trying to copy a DVD straight onto my PSP using cloneDVD mobile and AnyDVD. The PSP has the most recent softare update (v3.73 I think), but no matter what option I choose to transfer the movie to the Memory stick, it comes up as unsupported data.

    I've been following the instructions to the letter, as per the manual and, but something's obviously going wrong. Can anyone clue me into what I need to do to get movies playing onto the DVD?

    I'm no technical wizz either, so you might have to really spell this out for me. Thanks in advance!
  2. josh22

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    Try putting the converted movie in the VIDEO folder...if that doesn't work cut and paste it into one of the two folders in MPROOT then try...:)...let me know if ya still have probs...and also tell me step by step what you convert your movies too...and under what firmware option you are using in clone dvd mobile...:)
  3. darkwonders

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    And Make sure the VIDEO folder is outside of your PSP folder.

    When you open up the drive to see your memory card folders, you should see both your PSP and your VIDEO folder at the same time.

    When I did that, I was able to see the movies that used to be "unsupported"
  4. Clone Me

    Clone Me Member

    I just upgaded as well. No luck yet with files in any of the folders. They show up but don't play.

    So, does anyone with 3.73 get their videos to play using any presets using latest version of CDVD mobile?

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  5. Chance316

    Chance316 New Member

    Thanks for all the advice guys - I really appreciate it. I'll let you know how I get on once I have enough time to run through the process again. Hopefully it's not an issue with the 3.73 update. Damn you Sony :)
  6. Clone Me

    Clone Me Member

    OK, I get the 480x272 for FW330 to work. This will also play in my quick time player for testing.

    The 720x480 for FW330 fails on PSP and in QuickTime. I only get audio with QT. Has anyone had success with the 720x480 settings on the PSP?

    The encoding took 4 hours with 2 pass 480x272 settings for a 746MB file.
  7. FairUse User

    FairUse User Member

    I've had great success with 720x480 CloneDVD choice for movies on my PSP. Movies encoded with this choice look incomparably better than the 480x272 ones do.

    Plus if you're ever going to watch the movies on your PC in Quicktime as well there really is no other choice to make.

    Clone DVD is a great product and making movies in 480x272 for PSP works perfectly every time, however its a total crapshoot for 720x480. They usually don't work (no video, black screen, just audio). However, that's a different issue. For 720x480 PSP issues keep the discussion in 720x480 PSP Issues where there is already a thread about the ongoing issue.

    As for getting the movies to play on your PSP, make sure you put 'em in the Video Folder (update your firmware if you don't have a Video folder). I've never ever had a video I've converted for my PSP that wouldn't work on the PSP if it worked in Quicktime on my PC.
  8. Bobby4

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    the media manager program wasnt recognizing the file for me, so i switched to PSP Video 9 and everything worked fine. dont know if that will help your problem at all
  9. Charlie

    Charlie Well-Known Member

    Sad to say Sony is really messing with their paying customers I bet. I really wish I could help you but I use custom firmware and not Sony's and there is no way I can use Sony's unless I buy a new PSP. I just may when I get the extra money.
  10. Clone Me

    Clone Me Member

    Thanks for the link, I missed this during search.

  11. Mr. Burnz

    Mr. Burnz Member

    I'm having the exact same problem. No luck either with 3:10 To Yuma Region 1 at 720 X 480.
  12. Clone Me

    Clone Me Member

    Yuma is a bitxh:eek: Any DVD will snag it. I have settled on using 480x272 for FW330. Using anything else may result in many wasted hours encoding:bang:

  13. acdcrocks357

    acdcrocks357 New Member

    unsupported data

    i have tried to do everything that yall said to do but it still didnt work i have version 3.90 and it still wont let watch my movie. can yall help me.
  14. pseudo555

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  15. Spanky

    Spanky Well-Known Member

    I’ve tried for days on end to get the 720X480 frame resolution to work, put the files in every folder on the PSP and nothing! Pulled a competitor’s product out of the toolbox and it works first time every time with beautiful results, you just can’t put all your eggs in one basket converting to mobile devices.
  16. Realtime

    Realtime Member

    I also try everything to see the videos in 480x272. Yesterday I update my PSP to the firmware 3.90.

    I try the MPEG 4 >= 2.6 it works fine (with the 100mnv01 dir).
    Then the ACV/H264 >= 2.6 works also fine.

    But the PSP 480x272 ACV/H264 >= 3.3 don't work, the PSP also say's "unsupported data" ("Inkompatible Daten" - German PSP).

    I move the Video and JPEG in every directory on the psp - nothing works.

    Does someone have an idea?


  17. AtTheAsylum

    AtTheAsylum Well-Known Member

    I don't have a PSP to test it on (yet ;) ) but give this profile a try:

    [PSP 480x272 (AVC/H264, FW > 3.30) *MODIFIED*]
    Manufacturer=Sony Playstation Portable (PSP)
    mopts=-faacopts br=%abrate%:mpeg=4:object=2 -x264encopts bitrate=%vbrate%:level_idc=21:global_header:frameref=2:nopsnr:nossim%PASS%
    Changes: added the lavfopts format option, removed brames x264encopts option, and added global_header option.

    I have no idea if it will work - I've just seen references on the web to this sort of problem...
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  18. Spanky

    Spanky Well-Known Member

    Got it, thanks! I'll try it after while, I'm in the midwest so I'm kinda busy dodging hail stones and tornadoes! I'll let you know.
  19. Mr. Burnz

    Mr. Burnz Member

    Did you try this with subtitles enabled?
  20. Spanky

    Spanky Well-Known Member

    I don't remember if I did or not, will that make a difference?