PSP--How do you rename the file to make it work????

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    Hi Everyone,
    I just recently bought a PSP so I am not very good at transferring things on to it. I own Clone DVD so I have used this kind of software before.

    Can someone please help me out??? I am totally stumped as to how to get the file transferred onto my psp in the correct format.

    I found the folder E:\ MP_Root
    In it was folder named 100ANV01
    Inside that was MAQ1001.mp4 files and a thm file

    I tried copying 100ANV01 over but that was obviously wrong

    Can someone tell me what I need to rename it too to work..... My psp when hooked up will be the G drive
    and was I supposed to name before I started clonedvdmobile or can it be renamed now? I have firmware 3.30 oe-a and hopefully I encoded it correctly.

    Does anyone use Clone DVD and convert that with other software to a format that is PSP friendly or will that not work?
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