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PSP Conversion


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Jan 29, 2007
Is there a reason to use the avc/h264 format other than size? The quality does not seem any better and the time to convert is 3x.

Also, as an FYI, I experienced very low volumes when converting in MPEG4 format firmware >= 2.6 at quality 23.

The recommended solution was to go to the devices.ini and change "MVolume" value which I changed from 10 to 20. That seems to work and the file is the same size but the conversions have increase from 25 minute to 55 minutes for a 2 hour movie.

(Does anyone know what the "Volume" value does as opposed to the "MVolume"? The avc/h264 format only has a "Volume" no "MVolume".)
I have problems with low volume also, but in devices.ini I cannot find the Mvolume. Where can I find that setting?
In the devices.ini file you have to scroll down through the file until you find the deivice and conversion format you are using. (I use PSP MPEG4 format firmware >= 2.6 ). Slowly scroll down until you find the MVOLUME.

AVC H264 does not have MVOLUME only VOLUME. Some users in other threads report that they have success in raising the volume output by changing the VOLUME value not the MVOLUME.

I am hopeful that someone will post here to let us know the difference between the two.