PSP (3.71) doesn't recognize MP4 created under "PSP 720x480 (AVC/H264, FW > 3.30)"

Discussion in 'CloneDVD mobile' started by SoonerLater, Mar 28, 2008.

  1. SoonerLater

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    I ripped my first ever video for my son's PSP. I used DVDCloneMobile and the profile "PSP 720x480 (AVC/H264, FW > 3.30)" profile. Everything seemed to work fine (no errors reported; coincidentally, it plays fine on XBMC), but when placing the resulting mp4 file on a Sony MemoryStick Pro Duo and try to play it on the PSP it says there are no videos on the stick. It sees that the correct amount is empty or free on the stick, but it seems to have no clue how to play the video.

    Please forgive me for being a noob

    I've been using SlySoft products for a long time, but this is my first stab at trying to put one of the kids' movies on a memorystick and play it on the PSP. Your patience will be appreciated.
  2. Spanky

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    I doubt you get that profile to work, but you need to put it in the "VIDEO" folder on the PSP. I'm pretty sure you will see it but it will be unsupported data. Try 480x272 >3.30+, that one works.
  3. SoonerLater

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    You were right in both regards. As soon as I created a \VIDEO\ folder on the memorystick and placed my new mp4 file in it, the PSP immediately recognized it (by name, length, etc.), but...

    as you predicted, the PSP would not play it. I'll recompile from the original at a lower profile and see how that works.

    Why does DVDCloneMobile have a profile for the PSP which won't play on the PSP?
  4. SoonerLater

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    Follow up...

    Re-ripping using the 480x272 >3.30+ profile worked fine. The movie now plays on the PSP. And the ripping time seemed about 1/10th as long as it took to rip using PSP 720x480 (AVC/H264, FW > 3.30).

    I still wonder why there is a PSP 720x480 (AVC/H264, FW > 3.30) profile in the first place if the PSP can't play it.
  5. srich001

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    yeah what soonerlater said:)

    been having lots of trouble with those profiles too. On a related not mine also fail if the file size gets too big on the 480x272 profile so far anything over 600mb but im gonna do some testing to see how far i can push it before it doesnt work. Also of note ive seen some posts on here that say the failures are related to having the quality slider all the way to the right.
  6. Spanky

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    I can't say for sure, but it may have worked when the firmware on the PSP was 3.30 or thereabout. You really don't need 720x480 unless you intend to display the psp output to a TV. The display resolution on the PSP is 480x272 and should fill out the screen with no perceptible difference.
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    is that all you had to use was dvdclonemobile? i too am about to try and put a dvd on a newly purchased psp.....
  8. Spanky

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    Yeah, use the 480x272 FW 3.30+ profile and you should be fine. Push the quality slider about half way up. Name the file anything you want, the name of the movie maybe and put the file in the VIDEO folder on the PSP.
  9. fabpompey

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    Hi I have a version 2.8 PSP I have tried using the setting greater than version 2.6. The PSP can see the title but does not recognise it as a video. I am putting it in the path PSP/VIDEO.
    Should I upgrade the firmware, thanks if anyone can help.
  10. Spanky

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    Yes, the firmware current version is 3.95.

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  11. fabpompey

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    Sorry to ask a stupid question but will this solve the problem do you think?
    I assume I will then have to use PSP 480x272(AVCH264, >3.30) ?
  12. Spanky

    Spanky Well-Known Member

    Yeah, that one works fine.
  13. fabpompey

    fabpompey New Member

    I have upgraded firmware and still no joy. Could it be the memory stick ? I anyone can help thanks.
  14. fabpompey

    fabpompey New Member

    I managed to get it working I am not sure if this what you are meant to do but it works.
    I have two psp's one version 2.7 and the other I have upgraded to 3.95.
    I processed a dvd in CloneDVDmobile using the PSP setting>2.6.
    On my Memory stick I created a folder called VIDEO. Inside this I created another folder the name of the DVD. I copied the mp4 only and popped it to the folder. None of the path MP_ROOT\100MNV01 etc. Just the mp4 file.
    It works fine on bothe PSP's.
    I also have an I Pod and if you drop the IPod mp4 files into a new folder on the memory stick they work fine.
  15. g3rm

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    Spanky...yes, here too, same result.
  16. Spanky

    Spanky Well-Known Member

    Does that mean that it works for you, or that it doesn't?
  17. gr8sho

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    A humble suggestion

    Greetings. Long time customer of Slysoft back when only CloneCD was around.

    Like many that posted here, the lack of instruction around how to use CDVDM cost me a vacation day of fumbling with no success. My thinking is that most people that have a PSP (1000, 2000 or 3000 series) will want to have movies formatted via the PSP 480x272(AVCH264, >3.30) option to properly take advantage of that wonderful display. The other choices should be moved to a less obvious location in the software menu. Furthermore, some help or guidance should be given on where to store the output movie (i.e. \VIDEO folder). This will make the experience of using the software for its intended purpose more enjoyable. The PSP with large storage memory stick makes for a fine iPod/iTouch type solution. Actually an ideal one for children.

    For Spanky, thanks for your posts in here to make it clearer on how to get movies onto the PSP. :rock: :bowdown: