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  1. myoldpalstymie

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    Why would a dvd (vhs transfer to dvd) play in a ps3 player but not a computer optical drive?
  2. just curious

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    Could be your computer's optical drive is not compatible with that dvd brand.

    Quality dvd media such as Taiyo Yuden Premium or Verbatim burned at the correct speed should play fine no matter what device you use to play them.

    I've had cases where I've burned a Memorex dvd that would play in my Toshiba dvd player but when put in my desktop's computer's optical drive would appear as a blank dvd ready to be burned to.

    I've also had cases where when a Memorex or other lower quality brand was put in my laptop's optical drive it would just sit in the drive and do nothing. The drive acted as if the dvd was not there.

    My hunch is that your computer's optical drive is not compatible with the dvd brand used for the vhs content transfer.
  3. sondeterra

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    Or maybe

    Your PC may not have the codecs necessary for the format , supposing that you used a combo VCR/DVD recorder.
  4. Pete

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    Define "play".
    Do you rather mean "read"? Errors?
    If you actually mean "play", what player?

    Your wording is rather ... vague.