PS3 Stream Hi Def Content?

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  1. mick2006

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    Does anyone know if the PS3 will now stream hi def content with the 1.8 update. Streaming has been implemented, but I don't know if it is capable of streaming ripped blu rays. Has anyone out there given it a try?
  2. HD43

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    Most people are having trouble with it streaming any kind of video, let alone HD. Has potential though.

    But I stumbled across this while transcoding with Nero 7: While I was using Nero Vision to make an AVCHD file using a WMVHD source, I suddenly got the option to burn as HD-DVD and Blu-Ray - it allowed me to set the parameters etc. and the output. I chose to burn a BD to my HDD. I started the process and then it all just vanished mysteriously. Even though I saved the profile, I've not been able to get to this place again. It was as if I slipped into a parallel universe of possibility, and Nero, for some reason, thought I had a HD-DVD and Blu-Ray burner. I'd be so lucky! I even thought I may have imagined the whole thing, until I discovered the partially completed output file on my HDD.

    It was a BDMV folder with the STREAM folder with a .m2ts in it. But it was incomplete (as it only just started to transcode when it stopped).

    I burned the BDMV to a DVD and played it on my PS3 - it was recognized as a BD data disc, but no data was on the .m2ts yet. It was also recognized by the PS3 off my ext. HDD.

    Why did Nero 7 think I had a HD-DVD and Blu-Ray burner?

    How can I fool Nero into thinking I have them again?

    But it means I can encode/transcode to a true BD format that PS3 recognizes, and may play.
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  3. mick2006

    mick2006 Well-Known Member

    I know that Nero can burn blu ray compatible discs, didn't know it could do it without a blu ray burner. I have burned HD footage from my Canon HV20 camcorder to regular DVD's and played them on my Toshiba A1 (you can fit about 20-25 minutes worth of HD footage on a single layer DVD-R). I used Ulead Moviefactory 6 to do this. I am guessing that Nero can probably do the same, and doesn't matter what drive or disc you burn it to, as long as you have enough disc space.
    Back to the PS3, I have been able to stream SD content of various kinds using Nero, but whenever I tried hi def material it just studders and is terrible quality. And as far as my blu ray rips go, it doens't even recognize the m2ts files.
  4. HD43

    HD43 Well-Known Member

    Are you streaming to PS3 via "real-time transcoding" or "original format"?

    You may be able to stream a AVCHD mp4 file - some people have said they have done this.

    Was that ripped Blu Rays to PS3 from ext. HDD or a burned blank Blu Ray disc?
  5. mick2006

    mick2006 Well-Known Member

    I tried streaming from my PC ovar my LAN from my hard drive-I assume Nero would have tried to transcode it if it needed to be. And as far as the blu ray rip goes, the PS3 didn't even see any files in the "stream" folder on my hard disc.
  6. clareman

    clareman Well-Known Member

    do you mean streaming over the LAN? or just playing the .m2ts stream from the ripped bluray folder?
  7. mick2006

    mick2006 Well-Known Member

    I am streaming the .m2ts from the ripped blu ray folder over my LAN, and the ps3 doesn't see the .m2ts files within the "Stream". And it wouldn't matter even if it did because when I was able to play back my footage from my hi def video camera it looked terrible and it was also choppy. So, in other words the ps3 as a media streamer is sub par, at least at this moment. With the processor that it has, it could be awesome, but sony is obviously limiting its capabilities (obviously because they don't want us ripping our discs and then streaming them) again, where are ownner's rights!!
  8. amiga_man

    amiga_man Member

    Mick, your comments are a bit confusing to me. You seem to be referring to two things #1 streaming video to the PS3 and #2 playback/streaming from the PS3, which are 2 different things. If you are "streaming" over the LAN to the PS3, the PC is streaming and the PS3 doesn't need to see the files, it just recieves the video stream and displays it.

    You say the PS3 is sub par as a media streamer? That doesn't make sense, the PS3 doesn't act as a media streamer, what would you be streaming to and for what reason?

    Here's my 2 cents of actual testing and have had none of the issues Mick has spoke of:

    #1 I've streamed video content from my PC to the PS3 using various streaming programs. Once you try to stream say a m2ts from the PC, you're at the mercy of your PC's playback capacity and the program you're using to stream with. Streaming from the PC to the PS3 has many variables and not upto par for me. I don't want to stream from my PC for those many reasons and would revert to buring a DL DVD in BD format for the best playback and video quality. IMHO (which I've done)

    #2 Playkback from the PS3: I've played back a ripped m2ts file on the PS3 (no streaming) without a problem, but it's a small size file and the video is great looking in HD and the audio is in sync. I've used NERO (I think) to burn a BD formatted movie clip on a regular DVD from an m2ts file and the PS3 saw it as a BD dvd. Video looked HD, but the audio lagged. So I'm looking into the audio delay issue.

    (I hope that helps you clareman)
  9. mick2006

    mick2006 Well-Known Member

    The PS3 is a "streaming" device with the latest update (1.80). And I too have burned ripped .m2ts files on the ps3, whichsimply means burning material onto a blank BD-R/RE or regular DVD disc using Nero or other software. What I believe many people are looking for is the ability to send (stream) hi def video from their PC to their PS3 so they don't have to buy blank discs. A single BD-R runs $10.99 at Newegg. If we have the ability to "stream" video to the PS3 then no extra purchase is needed. At this point, only the Tvix 4100/5100 is able to this to some degree. However, a new device has come out that may be able to stream all high def content (Tomacro limHD200i). It appears to have a much more powerful Sigma chip in it, so streaming VC-1/MPEG4 blu ray and HD DVD rips may be possible. All my MPEG2 blu ray rips stream well, but none of the VC-1 or MPEG4 blu ray rips.
  10. HD43

    HD43 Well-Known Member

    PS3 currently can't playback 5.1 for Nero-made AVC or mpeg2 HD, but it can't do 5.1 for its own trailers either!

    I guess this will be resolved in a future update. (That should be the next President's slogan.)

    I've found the best that Nero can do for me is mpeg2HD - encodes in 2 hours instead of 2 days (for AVCHD) and is a very good and stutter free picture. AVCHD (for me) of the Nero sucks.

    20 GB flash drive with mpeg2 HD and I'm good. Otherwise it's the FAT32 limit on the extHDD.

    Again it all depends on the source material - Windows WMVHD samples offline look as good (if not better) than Planet Earth (IMHO) because they're from Imax 70mm film transfers and not some BBC cheap-ass hand-held HD camera from Comet.
  11. amiga_man

    amiga_man Member

    You outlined my point exactly. Streaming HD content to the PS3 "for free" is simply not upto par at this point with the limitations of the PC. As I said you can beef up your PC, invest in a media server/storage or just invest in a blu-ray burner and bypass all issues and as a side bonus enjoy full 5.1 audio.

    FYI, I'm leaning towards buying a blu-ray burner.
  12. hesynergy

    hesynergy New Member

    Streaming HF10 or HF100 avchd SDHC card to PS3-WIRELESSLY

    I'm sure someone else on this or other forums have already done this, but it was a revelation for me.

    Note: I was soooooo disappointed when I bought a Canon HF10 Hi-def camcorder for my wife's birthday and failed to output test footage from the HDMI port to my Onkyo 705 AV center or directly to my Hi def Sharp Aquos TV's HDMI input ports via a generic HDMI to mini HDMI cable I'd bought for the task.

    Last nite, ordered 3 HDMI cables from Amazon; Canon's own expensive sucker,Sony's and another generic to see if my HDMI output will get thru to my ONKYO OR the Sharp Aquos HDMI inputs], to see if my problem is the cable, the HF10 HDMI port, orrrrrrrrrrrr...... HDCP-more on this later in another topic area)....this led reading the above, doing some research, and enjoying a little serendipitous action.

    If you want to stream AVCHD to a PS3, why not copy your video files (*.MTS) from your SDHC card plugged into your laptop and use the Windows Media Server 11 to stream Video WIRELESSLY to your PS3, thus bypassing the creation of a BD disk??

    A. Note this assumes you have a Wifi net (I've got my PS3 directly connected to my router via Ethernet cable, but it should work using the PS3's Wifi). I stream to the PS3 VIA WIFI from my Extensa 5620z, a low powered Acer Laptop.

    1.copy your internal files to your sdhc card(If you've got an HF100, the files are already on your SDHC card), then copy the SDHCCARDDriveNAME:\PRIVATE\AVCHD\BDMV\STREAM *.MTS files ) to your laptop on a shared directory.( I don't believe the SDHC card itself can be shared, but if it could, then you wouldn't need to copy ANY files, just reference them directly).
    A. Rename *.MTS files to MP4.
    2. Set up Vista Media player 11 to be media server(I forgot how but once instructions are googled... its a snap)
    3. Open up your PS3 and find the shared directory under your new media server name, Videos.
    4. Find the files you want( I advise naming the *.MP4 files to something more descriptive of the shot. e.g. "Testvideo 1.MP4 or "Florida Trip-Alligator Farm.MP4"

    Enjoy your AVCHD shots on your BIG Screen in Hi-Def!!!:D:D

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