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Discussion in 'CloneDVD mobile' started by Vinny67, Oct 8, 2007.

  1. Vinny67

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    I am using the PS3 16:9 profile, at 640x360, with video quality set to 55 (2379 kbps).
    I have tried to convert chapter 2 of A Scanner Darkly at these settings and the video file I end up with is just a black screen. The sound is correct but there is no picture.
    If I knock the video quality down to 700ish it is OK.
    Has anyone had this and is there a fix?

    edit: Just tried the first chapter of Apocalypse Now and it did the same thing.
    It seems to be a problem using these settings on a file longer than about 4 minutes.
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  2. repoman

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    I have the same problem...

    I copied an episode of Prison Break in PS3 mode set at 720X480 and its just a black window... my first encode was actually at 320x180 and that one works for some odd reason which makes me think it has less to do with the length of the clip but the size. A full 40 minutes at 320x180 only takes up about 100mb.

    Vinny: have you tried to play the files on the PS3? Cause I have not and I'm wondering if it would (for some inexplainable reason) start playing normally.