PS3: H264 AVC & AC3 or DTS using CD-M *WORKS*

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    Hi all - I've been looking at the best way to encode DVD's for the PS3. My goal was to encode the video to H264 AVC (better quality than DivX/XviD) and keep the original Dolby Digital (AC3) or DTS soundtrack.

    Unfortunately the PS3 will not recognise an AVI with the above specs nor can an MP4 contain this type of audio.

    But now there is a solution :) - thanks to the ideas detailed here ( This guide is quite long and complicated and requires a fair bit of expertise. Basically I've taken the procedure and modified it for CloneDVD Mobile (CD-M).

    Note: this procedure uses CD-M and two other tools, both of which use a GUI interface and are VERY easy to use.

    Tools required:
    - CD-M (of course) - used to encode the DVD into an AVI container.
    - mkvmerge GUI - used to convert an AVI into a Matroska container ( - included in the mkvtoolnix package.
    - mkv2vob - converts the Matroska file into a VOB (

    High Level Description:
    - Encode DVD to an AVI choosing H264 video and original audio.
    - Convert the AVI into a Matroska container.
    - Convert the Matroska into a VOB.

    Seem strange, doesn't it? But yes the PS3 will play a VOB that contains H264 AVC video and AC3 sound. I've tested this on two full DVD's with great results :)

    Step 1 - encode DVD:
    - Encode the DVD using the profile included at the end of this post. You can use another profile if you like but make sure it outputs H264 AVC video and AC3/DTS audio to an AVI container.

    Step 2 - convert AVI to Matroska:
    - Run mkvmerge GUI, click on the 'Add' button at the top right and choose the AVI created in step 1.
    - Make sure both the audio and video streams have a tick mark next to them in the 'Tracks' window. This should happen by default.
    - Click the 'Start Muxing' button at the bottom left to create the Matroska container. This should create a file with the 'mkv' extension in the same directory as the original AVI.

    Step 3 - convert Matroska to VOB:
    - Run mkv2vob and choose the Matroska file created in step 2.
    - The output filename should be filled in for you (*.vob) so click on the 'Save' button.
    - A small window will pop up where you can choose the video conversion mode. Leave it at the default 'Automatic'.
    - A few more windows will open and close - let them do their stuff.

    Step 4 (optional) - rename file to *.mpg:
    - The VOB file created in step 3 will play on a PS3. You can either copy it to a DVD or USB drive. You can also stream it to the PS3 using the media server Tversity if you like. However, if you want to stream it using WMP11 you will need to rename the file. WMP11 wont stream a VOB but it will stream an MPG file.
    - So, rename the file :) eg: test.VOB becomes test.mpg.

    [* Generic (H264/DTS/DD+) AVI]
    mopts=-x264encopts bitrate=%vbrate%:level_idc=41:bframes=3:frameref=2:nopsnr:nossim%PASS%
    Format=avi -noodml
    BTW - this is not my work - all the credit goes to the author (DVDGuy) of the conversion guide linked to above.

    BTW2 - this process uses up a bit of disk space (3 x the original AVI file size). You can delete the AVI once the Matroska file is created and the Matroska once the VOB is created if you like.
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    PS3 selection in CD M

    Hi, I'm new to PS3, just bought one a couple of weeks ago, and found that it can network with my Windows Media Center. I've tried encoding movies using the PS3 seleciton in CD M and found it produces a MP4 movie. I changed it to .AVI and my PS3 says the file is corrupt and can't play it.

    So I found your article and am giving it a try. But am wondering why doesn't the PS3 option in CD M work? Or why is it even listed if it doesn't?

    If I don't care about the AAC sound, is there a better and easier option to choose in CD M without all of the converting?

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    Hi foredogg. Welcome to the world of PS3 :)

    To answer your question I have to ask one myself I'm afraid ;) Why did you rename the MP4 that CD-M produced to an AVI? The MP4 should play without problems on the PS3...

    I'll take a stab at answering my own question - just in case I'm right - if not, ignore what I say next ;)

    Perhaps you renamed it to AVI so that Windows Media Player 11 would include it in its library (it doesn't natively recognise MP4's).

    If that is the case, then I have an answer :) Have a look here (!2518DD508BB713E8!156.entry). This site includes intructions and a registry patch that adds MP4 support into WMP11.