PS3 Bluray Rip Storage location?

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  1. hazzad

    hazzad Active Member

    Hi all,

    Recently picked up a PS3 and looking at dumping bluray discs. Have Ubuntu installed and the dumping side of things works. My question is, whats the best oprion for where to dump the data to? Ive setup SMB share and whilst it works its painfully slow so gave up. Is an external hdd the best option? Do most people just use a xternal usb drive that they move between the ps3 and pc? How long should a typical dump take. The atempt i made via SMB had only done about 5 gb's in 3 hours o i think something was not right there.

    Any advice appreciated.


  2. dj wurst

    dj wurst Active Member

    i rip the bd with the ps3 to a usb-fat32-hd. then i copy the parts together from the usb-hd to my pc and play them with anydvd/powerdvd.

    depending on the size of the bd ripping takes 1-2 hours
  3. hazzad

    hazzad Active Member

    Do you use a 2.5" or 3.5" usb solution.Whats the typical size of a bluray disc? Do they usually fill a DB50 or not?

    Also you say you put all the parts of the rip back together. I understadn this is the case hen using Fat32 as it splits the files. What do you use to put the fiels back together? I understand NTFS is a no go as it is very slow. Though ive read that a linux ext3 hdd is quite fast but can casue issue when reading on a windows PC?

    Thanks for your reply.
  4. dj wurst

    dj wurst Active Member

    ntfs doen't work because it is not supported.

    there is no difference in speed between fat32 and ext3. the bottle neck is the speed of the ps3 blu-ray drive.

    you can put the files together with the /b option
    e.g.: copy /b Blu-Ray.aa + Blu-Ray.ab + + + + + + Blu-Ray.ah + + Blu-Ray.aj + Blu-Ray.ak + youriso.iso

    if you just use linux to rip the bd i would prefer sak. there is an option to rip the bd over network (no option for me because i only have an 100mbit switch:() directly to you pc.
  5. hazzad

    hazzad Active Member

    Issue i have is that i cannot get a ext3 partition to mount and show me the contents under vista. When i try and look at the contens of the drive it asks me to format it. So to get round this, i use ubuntu on the ps3 to copy the rip from the linux partition to a ntfs partition on the same external hdd. I can then use that partition to read and play the rip from.

    Ideally id like it simple, so as you said SAK would be great, but then i lose the ability to copy the rip once its done(assuming i stick to ext3 which id like to), or i setup a virtual pc on my vista box to run ubuntu which then gives me access to the rip which i can then copy to a mapped drive.
  6. dj wurst

    dj wurst Active Member

    vista can't read ext3. you need a driver for ext3

    if you want an easy solution, use sak and rip to an usb-drive (fat32) or rip via network.

    i don't understand what you mean "but then i lose the ability to copy the rip once its done"?!?!
  7. Standingfast

    Standingfast New Member

    Hi, I am not new to ripping DVD's, but I am to Blu-Ray. Once linux is installed on the PS3, how do I rip the .iso under linux? Then once its ripped and on my computer, how do I use anydvd to access the files? How do I take the little piece files and make them one .iso? Thanks in advance, sorry for my n00bness ^_^.
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  8. SamuriHL

    SamuriHL Retired Moderator

    There is a driver that will work in Vista to read EXT3 drives. It's a pain to set up, but, it does seem to work with varying degrees of success.

    And there are others if those don't work. In fact, I was going to try that first one and see if ripping is any faster on the PS3 going to ext3. I bet it would be.
  9. hazzad

    hazzad Active Member

    With linux installed on the ps3, you use the command thats been posted on websites everywhere to rip the contents of the drive to tan iso, whether it be via network or to an external hdd. External hdd has to be either fat32 or ext3. you can then move this image to your pc and then mount it using daemon tools. Then run anydvd hd and fire power dvd and the rest is history.
  10. hazzad

    hazzad Active Member

    By this i mean, once ive done the rip on the ps3, since i cant access the partition on my vista machine, i cant actually see it and move it to a windows accesible drive. I have to use ubuntu to copy the rip from the ext3 partition to a ntfs partition.

    I do realise that windows cant read ext3 partitions. I have tried extifs with little success. I can see the contents of the ext3 partition when i first create the partition, but once i copy anything to it, it becomes inaccessible and just asks if i want to format it.
  11. SamuriHL

    SamuriHL Retired Moderator

    See the solutions I posted earlier.
  12. hazzad

    hazzad Active Member

    Thanks for that. ext2fsd works a treat. Can now see the ext3 partition. Now i just need to see if i can share out that partition and map to it via the ps3. That way i wont need a external hdd at all. Would make things nice and neat using sak and the web front end.

    Shame since ive spent ages getting ubuntu setup right..ah well. Lucky im on holidays :)
  13. SamuriHL

    SamuriHL Retired Moderator

    I'm reinstalling ubuntu as we speak. Something bad happened to it earlier and it refused to reboot. Tried 3 times. Oh well. That install was screwed from the beginning. It worked "enough" to rip discs which is all I cared about at the time, but, this will give me a chance to get it right. I just reformatted my external 100 gig drive to ext2 which should be faster to rip to. ext2fsd should allow my HTPC to read it enough to copy the ISO off it onto the internal 500 gig drive. This will be a MUCH better set up in the end I think. NTFS, which is what I was using before with Ubuntu, took 3-4 hours to rip a disc. That was ridiculous.
  14. hazzad

    hazzad Active Member

    When writing to a fat32 partiton does it instantly create the split fiels one after another of does it not write the preceding files until its finished? Im ripping a bd now and its written 4 gb's to the first file, but nothing more. I dont see a part b or anything beyond that. The rip is still going and itf i stop it it tells me its writtewn more than 4 gb's. Any reason why? Is this an effect of using ubuntu or is there a switch i need to use?
  15. dj wurst

    dj wurst Active Member

    if you just want to rip bd, use sak!

    it's easy to use and works fine!

    you won't have any of the problems you are discussing here.

    sak + usb-drive (fat32) works perfect.
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  16. clareman

    clareman Well-Known Member

    I have had excellent results with either norton partition magic or paragon to create the ext3 disk and on the windows side the free Ext2Mgr.exe util (there's a driver). I prefer to use 2.5" drives and a "copy cable" that draws power off the ps3's usb bus. Unplugging and moving a 3.5" drive is a bit of a drag. On the windows side also, if you want to change a linux drive to a different one you have to reboot. It is also VERY slow when deleting, so I only use the windows side to read the files and the ps3 to delete. However since I got my plextor BR, I only do this rarely as the extra steps are time consuming...
  17. Standingfast

    Standingfast New Member

    Thanks. ^_^ I really appreciate it.
  18. hazzad

    hazzad Active Member

    Tried sak today. I hd no joy with it. Unable to get network rip working. Rip to a USb external ext3 drive from ps3 did not work at all. From web console it worked but was really slow and gave up after 1 1/2 hours where it had only done 12 gb's. No way of seein progress. Went back to ubuntu. At least i can see whats going on and its fast. 5 mins and ive already ripped nearly 3 gb's. Will stick with that for now. Will see if i come across a largish 2.5" hdd to make transporting easier. The external 3.5" is a pain in the nuts.

    Annoying how windows requires a reboot for ext3 support. That is the most annoying part. I wanted to get network support working for that very reason but no luck.
  19. SamuriHL

    SamuriHL Retired Moderator

    I was just speaking to the author of SAK in the past few days about ext3. He said to not create a partition on the external drive if you're using ext3...simply to format it as ext3. I'm not fully sure I understand that, but, that's the advice he gave. In any case, I've got a 2.5" 100 gig drive formatted to fat32 and use SAK with that. It's VERY fast...ripping a full BD in just over an hour. I use the command "copy /b <driveletter>:\Blu*.* c:\<moviename>.iso" to get it from the fat32 drive to my HTPC and it works just fine. However, since my PS3 is now dying/dead, I have to send it back to Sony for exchange. I can use it for a few more days to rip some more of my new BD's to my hard drive, but, once it's sent out I won't have access to any of my BD movies. SIGH. So, ripping for me right now is EXTREMELY important. The problem is, I'm going to run out of space before I can rip all the movies I'm going to want to watch in the next couple weeks. I got a lot of new ones for Xmas. :D

    P.S. If you need help with any issues you're having in SAK, the author monitors this thread.