ps3 and backup bopy of bluray disc.

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    I just want a confirmation that a bluray disc ripped by AnyDVD HD, then burned on a bd r media, can be read with a PS3 without any kind of problem (except classic "bad-burning" or poor quality media).

    Thank's in advance ;)
  2. ndjr

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    everyone I have tried works, except a few BD+ titles, and yes AnyDVD HD removes BD+, but reginal coding seems a bit difficult
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    Bare with me, this IS on-topic if you read it all.

    I ripped Meet The Robinsons, joined the files together using TSsplitter which seemed to do a poor job, and WMP could only see the FIRST 4 mins 42 secs or something (length of LAST chapter), and PowerDVD had problems too, then I used TSRemux (to strip out streams), which also reported the wrong length, it resulted in a file that works fine in Windows Media Player (Haali Media Splitter / PowerDVD codecs), but has a problem around the 54 minute mark with other the audio dropping out or the picture slowing down. In PowerDVD, you can skip a few secs past that, and it's fine.

    Now, I burnt this to a BD-R, and at a slightly different spot, somewhere near the hour mark, the audio cuts out! Now, I don't know of any better way to join the files. Maybe TSMuxer does a better job? I haven't tested that.

    Anyway, now for the on-topic part. The PS3 can definitely play BDMV content on from a BD-R and BD-RE, but even though it may play fine on your computer in VideoLAN/MPC/WMP, there might be a problem on playback on the PS3 if you had to join the video.

    Now, i've also seen reports that TSsplitter only has these problems, if you join more than 4 files, and that you can join 4 files, another 4 files, another 4, and another, then join THOSE 4, and result in a file with the correct length.

    This is something I have yet to try, and also seeing whether TSMuxer can do seamless joins.

    ndjr, why would region coding be a problem unless you try to play it back on a player from a different region than the one on the disc? If there's java code that checks for region-free and makes it not play, can't you just have AnyDVD force the region before you rip it?
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  4. Atvar

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    i say yes

    the only work i tryed was a rip of A night at museum Italian, i used tsremux to rip unwanted audio traks, burned on a BD-RE verbatim and the results is workin good on my ps3 40 gb. Only one thing, i tryed to burn with nero 8 and the result don't work i think i made some mistake with settings but if you burn your disk with imageburn al is ok.
    Hope to be helpful
  5. MickJT

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    A backup copy of Fifth Element (a re-encode with x264.exe as it's over 25gb even after stripped of extra streams) muxed with TSMuxer worked fine in my PS3 all the way through.

    Atvar.. Could I have the media ID of that Verbatim BD-RE? ImgBurn will tell you what it is. Just want to check my burner is compatible with it.

    By the way, I also burned my disc using Nero 8 (i've also used Nero 7).. You just need to use "Burning ROM", set UDF to Physical Partition and 2.50, No multisession, and Finalize. (I don't know the different between Physical and Virtual, does anyone? Can't find answer on the net anywhere).
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  6. Atvar

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    The ID of my verbatim bd-re is :
    BD Disc Information:
    Disc ID: VERBAT-IM0-00
    Disc Type: BD-RE

    i use an HL-DT-ST BD-RE GGW-H20L YL02 (ATA)

    hd-dvd blue ray
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    mickjt what command line did you use to rencode? My 28 weeks later is over 25 gigs
  8. MickJT

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    You know actually I just did

    x264.exe --progress --level 4.1 --threads auto --thread-input --bitrate 25000 -o whatever.264 e:\file.avs

    The avs script being:

    #ASYNTHER DirectShowSource

    PowerDVD 7.3 installed in order to have the codecs for the video, and Haali Media Splitter (aka Matroska Splitter) used to make DirectShow read .m2ts files.

    I know some of you guys might not want technical info, so I can move this to a private message, but I worked out the bitrate like this:

    181102 frames at 23.976fps, 7553.47 seconds, round it up to 7554.
    Take the DD stream which is 640kb/s * 1000 / 8 = 604320000 bytes
    25 billion bytes (SL [single layer] disc) - 604320000 = 24395680000
    24395680000 / 7554 * 8 / 1000 = kilobits, 25836.039kb/s
    Rounded it down to 25000kb/s just incase of slight overheads.

    After it's encoded. I demuxed the AC3 stream using ffmpeg -i pathtofile.m2ts -f ac3 whatever.ac3

    In some cases you might need to use -map argument to have it rip the right stream, like -map 2:0 (being the 3rd stream, 0 = video, 1 = DTS) etc..

    Then TSMuxer did the rest and generated the disc structure, and I simply burnt it.

    Though, what you're MEANT to do, is run the .264 file through "h264info", set the level to "4.1" (even though you already did it, apparently sometimes it's not correct all the way through) and the rest default, everything unticked except write pps every frame.

    Apparently it's better to use the megui ps3xbox360fast profile, which has these parameters (bitrate, pass and stats parameters removed from example):

    --level 4.1 --bframes 3 --weightb --direct auto --partitions p8x8,b8x8,i4x4,i8x8 --8x8dct --ipratio 1.1 --pbratio 1.1 --vbv-bufsize 9000 --vbv-maxrate 24000 --qcomp 0.5 --threads auto --thread-input --progress --no-psnr --no-ssim --output "output" "input"

    but I had no problem. Check this out,

    .. and if you're wondering, it took 14 hours on my AMD Athlon 64 X2 4600+
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  9. MickJT

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    Thanks, my BDR-202 is compatible with that, nice to know.