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  1. davelerave

    davelerave New Member

    hi.i'm new to this but have the basic gist of it .can i use a ps3 to back up blu ray discs or do i need a seperate blu ray drive.thanks
  2. mick2006

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    You must have a blu ray burner to create a back up disc. You will also need disc burning software like Nero. Keep in mind that most, if not all blu ray releses after Oct 2nd are not rippable at the moment, thus you can not back them up.
  3. Humpa

    Humpa Well-Known Member

    you can back up to a hdd, but it isn't easy - at least it isn't easy for everyone.
    Follow the "installing YDL" guide (YDL = Yellow Dog Linux)
    Follow the udf 2.5 installation
    Follow the begining of the guide on ripping a movie to .iso/.img (rip it to a ext3 or ext2 formatted external harddrive). Plug harddrive into your xp box and mount the .iso - then you can use anydvd hd on it.
  4. davelerave

    davelerave New Member

    thanks for the replies .i am looking to back up my movies to a hdd .afraid the rdl method is a little overboard for me., thanx anywayz