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Discussion in 'CloneCD' started by bobe, Mar 18, 2007.

  1. bobe

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    hi Everyone.
    Advice Needed Please.i Am Going To Copy Some Games For My Grandson Using Clone Cd And Also Swap Magic So They Can Be Played On His Ps2.
    My Qustion Are.
    1 Will The Games Copy Ok
    2 How Reliable Is Swap Magic For Ps2.
    Thank You All Very Much
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  3. bobe

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    Games backup link

    Thank you for your help but the link in you reply is not working.
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    Click on the "Search" drop down above and type in "Swap Magic". It will show you the threads.
  5. madmax

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    1 yes they will work
    2 swap magic\slide card etc all work but not with every game
    But you cant beat a good modchip which would be far better..
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    Madmax is right if you havent allready spent your money on the swap magic a modchip would be much better. If i understand it right you have to have the original to get the copy to boot. If the original is already in why bother swapping it. Most mod chips give you an autoboot of the copy.Madmax you can correct me if im wrong about the swapping I wouldnt mind knowing myself.
  7. Spanky

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    You load swap magic (the boot stuff) then swap it out for the copy. Some copies require zone loader after swap magic and before the copy. Most all I've tried work fine one way or the other. Some copies have a nasty way of the ISO image being larger than the original and too large to fit the destination disk, you have to scrub the ISO and get rid of the junk.
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