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PS 2 Games


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May 3, 2007
Will Clone DVD copy PS 2 Games successfully? If not, Does anyone know a program that will?
clonedvd is probably not the one to copy ps2 games.:disagree: its for copying/compressing movies. clonecd is the one to use for a 1:1 copy,:agree: though i dont know if it will make immediately playable copies of ps2 games. (due to hardware copyprotection)

I believe alcohol 120% can copy ps2 games. (again i dont know if they are immediately playable)

i do not know if a modchip or other protection-bypass is needed on your ps2 to play copies (like on xbox or gamecube). ps2 games are a lot easier to copy (xbox and gamecube disks arent readable in a pc cd/dvd drive, ps2 disks are) but i dont know if you need anything other than a copied disk (modchip etc).
A mod chip is indeed needed in the PS2 for a backup to work. Even with a 100% identical copy, the console is still able to see the recordable media with PS2 files on it and will therefore reject it. The only way around is a mod chip. :agree: