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    Hey mate, Sorry to hijack but I need help with what the OP touched upon.

    I drifted out of the scene a year or so before Slysoft collapsed and have been working in the mines until recently. (I had a lifetime licence to all 4 of the good softs)
    Back then it was easy, copy or rip with CloneCD, CloneDVD or ClownBD, mux or transcode with DVDmobile and rip with AnyDVD HD when you had a bitch disc.
    Now, like Redfox, I am back in the real world and I see we have AACS, Cinavia and uninvited Java. Reminds me of CDRWin days, (remember Jeff Arnold?) which were followed by the Nero, Alcohol and Sony crap but nastier. Arseholes!

    Anyway, I admit that I am confused about a few of the subsequent advancements in technology.
    I simply don't understand these new things..... like how encryption works between their medias and our hardware, multi playlists all seem like Greek to me and how they implement and execute Cinavia is a total mindfuck I'm afraid.

    Anyway, would you be so kind as to explain to me or point me to some reading in order to help with a few of my major stumbling blocks? I reckon I can stop it farting in church once I get a handle on it all.

    What is the go with playlists, screenpass and how mistakes can end up causing lost movies or rips that are a mixed up mess? How does that then tie in with your database and your ability to fix a problem disc from the users end so effortlessly?
    How do encryption keys tie in with this, if at all? Why the need for key updates when your player potentially hasn't updated at all?
    Chevron has mentioned often about ripping to image but leaving encryption. I have had great results doing this but why? Replying to the OP Chevron mentioned a "useless iso". Please "Elaborate", I imagine it to be fascinating.

    If I have erred by posting/hijacking here then by all means smack my arse. I will copy and paste in a new thread as I need my hand held here. I must be getting old or my brain is finally showing damage from the abuse of the 70's because
    for love nor money I just can't nut this one out on my own.

    Cheers and beers
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    Please do not hijack someone else's topic with multiple questions that have nothing to do with the topic at hand. Post split. Much of your questions can be answered by Google. That said

    Everything you need to know is right here: Troubleshooting item 2

    As to the useless iso, well screenpass affects playlists, if not correctly handled during ripping the menu will always point to an incorrect playlist. Since anydvd modifies disc files during ripping, this cannot be undone once protection is removed. Hence: useless iso
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