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Discussion in 'AnyStream' started by WiseMan, Oct 20, 2020.

  1. WiseMan

    WiseMan Active Member

    I was wondering if there is a posibility to change for AnyStream how the trial license works?

    My trial has ended and I cannot launch AnyStream anymore, but when new version will be out I may want to check if new version fixes / features are suitable for me.

    So my questions are:

    1. Can it be made that AnyStream trial launches normally all the time, just tokens are limiting the usage (this would be sufficient to check for example if some errors are still appearing and if particular resolution can be downloaded)?
    2. If above is possible then maybe with each new stable version maybe some small amount of tokens can be refilled for trial? I'm not talking af any big ammount, imo 2-5 tokens would do to verify if desired media can be downloaded successfully.

    Imo it's a good idea, just don't know if it's technically not problematic to implement and if deveopers will agree ;)
  2. whirlpool

    whirlpool Well-Known Member

    But, why should the trial license for AS be any different from other Redfox products ?
  3. WiseMan

    WiseMan Active Member

    It's already different with the tokens.
    And it's a different product - it touches aera which changes much more dynamically than physical discs.

    So imo trial could also adapt to new conditions.
    And it's only proposition, to put it under discussion.
  4. whirlpool

    whirlpool Well-Known Member

    I started with the first version and could see the potential immediately, no need for an extended trial. Why is it more dynamic than e.g. support for new discs being added to AnyDVDHD ? You wouldn’t expect to be able to start a new trial with a new version of that software.
  5. WiseMan

    WiseMan Active Member

    That's your opinion.
    Just look at the other open topics - missing audio at the end, errors poping up when trying to download and previous stable version was producing video with glitches.
    IMO AnyStream is still in beta condition and I don't want to pay money atm for that product. I may want to buy it when it's more stable and will offer more features, which I want to be able to verify before I buy it.
  6. whirlpool

    whirlpool Well-Known Member

    With the exception of the Netflix login issue, which was just a question of waiting for a solution I haven’t had any other issues. I believe “the missing audio at the end” was down to the use of particular VPNs.
  7. Sophie

    Sophie Active Member

    correction missing audio has nothing to do with a VPN!!!
  8. whirlpool

    whirlpool Well-Known Member

    Correction, VPN appears to be the issue reading the last posts in “some small bugs/problems”
  9. Dissones4u

    Dissones4u Active Member

    Maybe, maybe not, but I certainly understand the concerns regarding expirey without a fully refined product.
    You can read the changelog and follow the forum to track changes. You should have a pretty good idea by now that the software is useful and will be further refined moving forward.
    Unfortunately I saw this coming and I agree (I haven't even tried AS for NF because of the ongoing issues reported in the forum and my lack of interest in being a beta tester).
    There are other concerns as well but the Netflix "issue" is 50% of the program's value. So yeah (IMO) this is beta testing and should have been handled as such.

    Personally, I'd love to see this product succeed, and to that end I'll be buying a license "as is" because I've already gotten fair use from the trial. I do have some concerns regarding quality that apparently no one wants to talk about though, and for that reason alone I will start with an annual license and then reassess whether further support is warranted at the time of renewal. Frankly, and many may not like this but, I wouldn't mind seeing AS go the way of SaaS. SaaS is a proven model that generates proper incentive for ongoing innovation. I feel like this product could see considerable demand, well beyond that of AnyDVD, due to the ease of use and broader target audience. For the moment, I know enough to say that I'm in without concern.
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  10. Cybernut

    Cybernut Member

    YOU may not have had other issues, but other people HAVE had other issues.
    I for one have not been able to launch it for Netflix - it crashes right away.
    And my trial period expired a day or two ago and I have not been able to do a SINGLE test.
    I am waiting for the fix (likely in the next version) but unless the dev team gives me a way to do a second trial, I basically have no way of knowing how good it works.
  11. Prospere

    Prospere RedFox Development Team

    Did you report your problem with Netflix?

    Ah, sorry, I see you did.
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  12. nrnoble

    nrnoble Member

    I think the suggestion is reasonable. He is not looking to be a freeloader. There are other methods to download nearly all of the same content, at the same high quality, to watch offline without using AnyStream.
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