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Programs can not read file after being ripped with AnyDVD


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Jan 28, 2007
After being a long time fan of DVD Decrypter and DVD Shrink I purchased AnyDVD After using the trial version. During the Trial I did not notice the rip function in AnyDVD but did after my purchase. While it seems to rip to the harddrive without a problem, trying to use Shrink or Roxio to covert the file to an ISO I get an error that the file is un-recognizable. PowerDVD does see it and plays the file without a problem and I know that AnyDVD is suppose to work better with CloneDVD but other programs should at least be able to recognize the file.
One last note is I can still use Decrypter and DVD Shrink without a problem on their own but not when I rip with AnyDVD. I must have a setting in AnyDVD wrong or something is not right. Any suggestions? :bowdown:

I use DVDdecrypter in conjuction with AnyDVD, it works great. The only settings change is in DVDdecrypter / settings/ I/O make sure that the button next to elbyCD10 is highlighted. Been doing this for ages also using DVDShrink etc.... best of luck!