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Profile for Sansa e2xx series


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Jan 28, 2007
I've got the Sansa e280 8gig flash player. LOVE THE THING! It's getting really popular too. How about a profile for it SlySoft? I currently use CloneDVD Mobile to .vob passthrough then use the Sansa converter to put it movies on the Sansa.

It sure would be nice to have it in one step.
I here ya there. I'd like to cut the sansa media converter out of the picture. I wish SanDisk would come out of with a firmware upgrade so the sansa would play MP4's because a 400MB movie in MP4 format converts to 800MB in Quicktime format. In the meantime I convert my movies to an MP4 using PSP Profile, Then Convert again with SMC. I emailed slysoft about making a Sansa quicktime profile for CloneDVD Mobile, but so far nothing, hopefully the next update has one.
Sorry to interject here, but I have a Sansa e250 (2G) that I love!

Unfortunately, the Sansa (ArcSoft) "Media Converter" loves NOT my Windows XP Media Center Edition. When I installed it got an error message concernign "media center receiver" and Media Center could not find my tv tuner. It appears that there is a conflict between the codec pack in "Media Converter" and MCE. Uninstalled the Sansa "Media Converter" and things returned to normal (more or less). Any suggestions would be appreciated.

If none are forthcoming I'd love to add videos/photos to my e250 without having to use "Media Converter" at all!!
I guess if I had my druthers, I'd have the Sansa e2xx support mp4 rather than SlySoft make an MJPEG format compatible with the Sansa. Unfortunately I hear the Sansa's hardware isn't capable of decompressing mp4's fast enough. If it could, MAN would that thing rock.

Oh well, until then, I'll do the dual conversion.

You guys should try RockBox. It's an open source firmware for many Media Players. And the Sansa Eseries are part of their lists. I can put pictures on it without any problems. Only weird thing is to add files to the Sansa you have to have it turned off when you plug it into the pc. So i can boot into Sansa Firmware mode.

Try it, you'll like it.

it wont work for the sansa if its a v2. :(

you can tell by looking at the back on the bottom right (just above the screw). if theres a small v2 after the model name, then it wont currently work with rockbox.

i sure hope they hurry up and make it compatible so i can use it :)