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    I have (2) of the infamous SATA ASUS DRW-2014L1T drives installed and when I try to use CloneDVD, it reads the DVD to be backed up, it backs it up, and the it writes the backup DVD but what I get out of the tray is unreadable by anything but CloneDVD. Everything else reads it as a blank, or a flawed disc - not a DVD.

    I have installed the lastest version of CloneDVD as I had read that others were having problems with this (and other SATA DVDRW drives). Nothing I seem to try makes a difference. If there is anything that you can recommend - I'm open to suggestions. My next step is to salvage the ASUS IDE drive that I have been using with CloneDVD for years without any problems and swap it out with the SATA.
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    2) Log file is attached

    4) Done

    7) Firmware updated

    8) Was using Memorex (DVD+R) and have never had any problems with them - but after reading this forum I am switching to Verbatim DVD+R.

    9) DVD-5

    Also, I was looking and working on this problem and discovered that the Region was not set for the SATA drives - I set it to Region 1 and am testing now to see if that made a difference.

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    Yes, good idea. That memorex junk is the likely culprit

    Change the booktype to "dvd-rom" before burning.

    That's disc size--not burn speed

    Don't be burning at max.

    click and follow the steps in the order that they are listed (step by step)
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    I wanted to say thank you. I have decided to throw in the towel with regard to the ASUS DRW-2014L1T's. They were $35.00/drive and I bought (2) of them so I have $70.00 worth of paperweights. I tried everything that you recommended and they never produced a working DVD.

    CloneDVD read the DVD and prompted for a recordable disc but after it got done writing the new DVD - apparently it was not finalized or something as when you attempted to read the DVD it read as a blank or flawed. I tried the discs on several different DVD drives and DVD players and - no dice.

    Oddly, if you put the newly recorded DVD into the drive and launched CloneDVD - you COULD review the preview of the DVD in CloneDVD and the program would read what was on the disc - but that was the only program that would read the disc. I suppose what bothers me most about this (other than the $70.00!) is that I am still not really sure why these drives did not work. As I said, I went through every solution (e.g. Verbatim discs, slowed the burn speed way down, etc.) No dice.

    Can anyone recommend a SATA DRW drive that is KNOWN to work with AnyDVD and CloneDVD?

    Meantime, I am back to my IDE's and they work perfectly.
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    Hmmm. Maybe the problem is with the sata drivers on your motherboard? What kind of motherboard are you using? Maybe zebadee has some ideas. I'll ask him to take a look at this thread.

    Or were you trying good quality blank media (Verbatim or Taiyo Yuden)? If you weren't, I wouldn't give up.
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    Mobo is an EVGA 780i

    I tried Verbatim blank media - no change from anything else I used - exactly the same outcome.

    I may go back and re-install one of the drives and continue to work with it. I am very curious as to what wasn't working. Don't think I can give up on it just yet. And, the IDE's work so I have restored backup capability in the meantime.

    Any info or assistance is greatly appreciated.

    I wonder if I didn't have something set up right in the BIOS? or maybe the drivers?

    I did successfully load the latest firmware. But, I have read that others are also having issues with this particular drive.
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    Hi :)
    Try uninstalling the nVidia drivers & install Microsoft drivers in their place.
    I had the 680i & ended up using a PCI SATA Controller card. :D