Problems with"^" while typing in CloneDVD´s DVD-Name Field

Discussion in 'CloneDVD' started by EsCaLaToR, Jan 28, 2007.

  1. EsCaLaToR

    EsCaLaToR Member

    Everytime I type some letters in the editable fields in CloneDVD, some strange "^" apearing between my letters


    No prob with all other software on my PC. I´m using a Microsoft Keyboard with WinXP included drivers. Nothing special installed for it.

    Hope u can fix it....:
  2. Mickey Mouse

    Mickey Mouse New Member

    Solution with caret ^ sign.

    Hi EsCaLaToR,

    i got the same problem wih newer Microsoft keyboards. In VmWare for example I got lots of ^ signs.

    When using Microsoft Keyboards (Wireless Desktop Elite is mine) you must install the latest Microsoft Drivers.

    Use always Intelipoint and Intellitype drivers. The latest version is 6.1 and works for XP and Vista.
  3. EsCaLaToR

    EsCaLaToR Member

    :D , I´m also using the Wireless Desktop Elite Keyboard from MS.
    ´ll try the driver....THX!

    ...but don´t understand, why this is only happen with CloneDVD ..:doh:
  4. EsCaLaToR

    EsCaLaToR Member

    :disagree:´s working at the first look.....great.
  5. Mickey Mouse

    Mickey Mouse New Member

    I got this phenomenon in every "edit" field inside dialogue boxes like "Start/Run" dialog and many more. Don't know why this only happens in CloneDVD.

    Btw. by using the drivers you have many advantages. You will be noticed when the batteries are low, you can use such special keys like "My Favorites" at the top left on the keyboard. This is very nice. I put the 5 most used applications to my keyboard favorites.