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Discussion in 'CloneBD' started by Roger Jacobsen, Aug 6, 2018.

  1. Hi everyone! I am having problems with ripping extras from The Pacific. When playing in PowerDVD the extras is shown in a window with some graphics around it and there is a soundtrack. However, when ripping it I am only getting the graphics and a black window without video. Also no sound. Playing the m2ts-file in VLC let me choose a second video track, although no sound available. Do anyone have any suggestions to how I can rip the video with sound and subs... Thanks.

    Roger J.
  2. Ch3vr0n

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    Play the original in powerdvd with anydvd active? Everything ok?
    Rip the disc, play in powerdvd? Everything ok? Not an anydvd problem

    Rip doesn't behave normal? Did you process it with CloneBD? As you're in the CloneBD section. If it doesn't provide an anydvd logfile, and CloneBD if you used it.

    VLC isn't a licensed bluray player so it's not uncommon for it to have audio/video problems with nothing on either or both.

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  3. The iso's play just fine in PDVD. All the extra features is playable and sound fine. I believe it's how they are ripped that is the problem. CloneBD doesn't find the videos playing inside the window, only the background graphics. The subtitles are shown when playing the videos inside CloneBD. I used VLC because it lets me choose different tracks, both for video and audio, and for this problem it let me know there are dual video tracks for some of the extras which is played in a window.

    I'll check with the original tomorrow but believe it will be the same.

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    If the iso plays fine, then anydvd did its job probably, but maybe there's something that's confusing CloneBD. Start by providing the anydvd and CloneBD log

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  5. testiles

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    In CloneBD, are you creating a disc/folder/iso, doing a Partial Copy, and using the Original Menu?

    'Cause if so, maybe you are not selecting the title for output that corresponds to the Menu video that's not playing....

  6. Pete

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    Most of these questions can be answered by simply uploading a CloneBD log file ;)
  7. Here's the log files...

    Attached Files:

  8. Me again... hoping someone have the time to look through the log files... I copied one video file and I used the original disc as source.
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    I don't think you technically can copy that playlist into an MKV.
    There is "picture in picture" content - and also a secondary audio track.
    CloneBD theoretically could render the second video onto the first, but that's not what it is made for and it would not be trivial.
  10. hmm... in other words; The perfect copy protection?
  11. Ch3vr0n

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    In that case, try bd-rebuilder. It can process secondary video and audio. Should be able to turn the main video in an mkv

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  12. Pete

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    CloneBD should also be able to convert the main video. A few (not many) of films have PiP, that doesn't stop CloneBD from processing the actual film.
    I don't fully understand the problem, because I don't know what kind of a bonus feature this is supposed to be, I was guessing, the actual thing is in the secondary video, which CloneBD won't copy.
    But this is actually the first time, I'm hearing at all of someone wanting to convert bonus material.
  13. Ch3vr0n

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    I'll second that. That's a first for me too.
  14. Well, one of the benefits of buying the Blu-ray's is that they often comes with bonus features, and to enjoy these at the same time as I convert the main features to mkv I just need to convert everything. Otherwise using CloneBD is to no use as I just could be using the iso's together with PDVD and forget about converting to mkv at all. As most Blu-ray's doesn't have this issue, and after converting them to mkv, we (me and my family) are much more likely to play and enjoy the bonus features using Kodi to play them.

    I'll try bd-rebuilder to see if it works.
  15. testiles

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    It's not that unusual. I do it often, but mostly for folder output.

    For example, I have some Blu Rays with "hidden" extras. I couldn't get to them from the disc ordinarily, but if I use Speed Menu, there are several extra bonus features listed.

    So, I used CloneBD to make a backup of the disc (with normal menus and extras) and a separate Blu ray folder with a CloneBD Menu and just the hidden Bonus Features.

    Also if a Blu Ray has "leading trailers" that won't allow you to get to the Main Menu by just pressing the Menu key, I will use CloneBD to create a backup without the trailers, then create a separate title with just the trailers in it. Allows me to watch and discard the trailers if needed and have the major features of the disc backed up separately.

    And also, just like Roger Jacobsen, I have converted entire Blu Rays to .mkv, including all Bonus features.

    CloneBD is perfect for "re-mastering" like this.


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