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    Sorry to raise this thread from the dead but......

    Ok, so with help from members here and elsewhere I've got the ripped versions of HD DVDs to play :bowdown: BUT I cant get rid of the subtitles on the ripped or the disc versions. I have just downloaded PowerDVD so presumably its the latest version.

    I've read about editing scripts etc but why is it that if I exit AnyDVD HD the subtitles go? So it must have something to do with AnyDVD or how cybersoft have engineered PowerDVD to respond to AnyDVD. With AnyDVD = subtitles. No AnyDVD = no subtitles!

    So thats not too bad - I just exit from anyDVD before I play HD content BUT that presumably means my TV will have to be HDCP compliant? I think I need AnyDVD running to be able to run a non compliant TV?

    Any ideas?
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    If you can play from the harddrive then it's not the latest version as the latest version doesn't let you play from the harddrive. you need to find out what build it is. 3104 and 3319a are the best ones. I've not heard of any subtitle problems in months
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    Sorry, i wasnt clear about playing from the HDD. I mounted an iso as a virtual drive. Its true that I can't play direct from the HDD as the option is greyed out. I only downloaded PowerDVD last week.

    Subtitles are a pain tho.
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    Noted! :eek: Apologies!
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    No problem.

    Thank you for reading :agree: