problems with Sony +R DL blank media backups

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    ok most likey (knowing my luck these questions are slovedd in other post )
    as for answering e questions to specs
    1) newest version downlaoded today ( trail versions )
    2) no burning software outside the version that came with xp
    3 a)anydvd clonedvd2
    b) using the clone dvd 2 burner since my nero6.0 won't work with these
    software running
    4 a1) eureka seven vol6 b1)region1 c1) released may 8th ( i think )2007

    a2)video girl ai b1)region 1 (i think) c1 unknown date relased

    5a)dvd burner is a lite-on guerssing the firmware/model number is sohw-1693s
    d)windows xp home sp2 build 2600( i think)

    6)a brand dvd+r sony 4.7gb dvd+dl are sony 8.5 dl(ver1.1/2.4x)

    7lowest speed rate burning 4.7 gb are at 6x 8.5 are at 1x/2.4x

    9 problem/ error
    on eureka seven the dvd was just locked at the menu no matter what I seleceted but i may have ideal why ( clicked wrong option to presver menus right?) used 4.7 gb dvd

    on video girl ai did a full copy with a 8.5 dvd burn when fine ( so the clonedvd2 said ) run though player ( portable ) and plays so far then locks up. look at dvd there is ablank gap about 2/3 of dvd (were nothing was written) and them more data writen. are these possible bugs in the porcess weer they are still on 21 day trail. or is ther a possible issue .. I never had a bad burn on dvds befoer ( burn over 50 ) I am unsure if I will purchase these titles if this a problem ( don't have money to waste on blank media all the time if 3/4 of the burn attemps will be worthless ( dvd dl are not cheap )
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  3. mechnut450

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    not seen the Verbatim +R DL blank media around her lucky i can find any dl media (outside the 3 pack at walmarts) as for the media don't think it the problem it has to be with the software as I used the dvdshrink 3.2 and the nero with no problems .. it just been some of the css protection on a couple seem to be the problem .. that or the feeling that the rom dying ( reader only it has about 2000 hours on it watching too many movies ) caused my imaging problem. as the burner work great with other software just not likeing the anydvd/clone dvd .. must poke around and see if the dvd rom failing on me before I spend too much on software ( might not need it )
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    Sony +R DL is either the same as Verbatim +R DL (MKM)--or it's really made by Ritek (and this is likely what you're using); Sony +R DL that's made by Ritek is pretty terrible (and I would expect errors if I were using it).

    But suit yourself.
  5. mechnut450

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    well i just got the basics back up i end up formatting the hd . and it looking like a dvdrom needed as this one making a bunch of new noises with each cd/dvd it loads so it about shot . will try anydvd/clonedvd2 later again if i find the ver media and if th e dvd shrink won't reinstall and work.
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    How are the Sony -R DVDs? I was thinking about grabbing some of these.
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    Stick with Verbatim or Taiyo Yuden instead. Sony's dvd-rs aren't horrible though.
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    There is a separate section of SSF for discussion of blank media. However I would like to make the general comment that the "freshman" backup enthusiast's concept that all DVD media on the shelf is probably of similar quality like cassette tape or flashlight batteries is very wrong. Blank media manufacturing requires a very exacting manufacturing process and most "brands" available in stores don't measure up! They choose the cheap way out and many stores don't allow returns of media or the consumer never bothers to return them for refund. I don't understand how some brands have avoided a class action suit based on bad quality!

    "Around here" shopping in retail stores is a way bad way of obtaining quality media. Stores carry the brands that have the best distribution & manufacturing wholesale bulk purchasing deals and retailer incentives for the store's purchasing departments. This is without regard for proven quality or regard for you the buyer. Sometimes Verbatim is included in their buying and sometimes not.

    At this point in time one should focus on Taiyo Yuden and Verbatim for quality burns and burned media disk storage longevity.

    One must give up the idea of convenient nearby shopping in favor of ordering quality media via trusted website stores such as and etc etc. Buy in bulk.

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  9. mmdavis

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    There is also and as well.
  10. SoundsGood

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    Fair enough. I'll check the above sites for a good price on -R Verbatim or Taiyo Yuden DVDs (although I've never heard of Taiyo Yuden).

    Thanks, guys!
  11. mmdavis

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    From Supermediasore, the TY Premium 8x -R are the best, you can find them here. For +R DL the Verbatim are the best, you can find them here.
  12. SoundsGood

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    Awesome, thanks.

    You also helped me out with a question I asked in this thread... so thanks again!