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Discussion in 'Third Party Products' started by jop9975, Jun 2, 2007.

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    Failed to Read File from E:/

    Im geting the same problem.. with every disc so far on my Lightscribe burner.This is when i use DvD shrink. Lightscribe is installed as secondary and i have a Sony Dvd burner as primary.. never any problems with the primary. Any ideas whats up?..
  2. James

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    How about asking the question in the 3rd party forum?
  3. mmdavis

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    Burners on IDE cables should always be placed on the Master connector, whether set in a Master/Slave configuration or CS. Most drive manuals will tell you that.
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    Try setting the Lightscribe DVDRW to Primary(Master) on the PATA cable (and change the jumper setting on the drive to Primary as suggested. It should work on the Secondary setting but that will determine if the drive is functioning properly. Or, you can set both drives to CS (Cable Select) and make the same determination.