Problems with reading Snow Dogs

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    I am having problems with the Disney movie Snow Dogs (2002, Cuba Gooding Jr)

    I have loaded AnyDVD HD, and have run this successfully with other DVDs
    When I try running this for Snow Dogs I receive the error FileIO VTS_01_1.VOB 1968265216 446464

    I have tried both "rip to image" and "rip video disk to hard disk". Both error out.

    I have attached the log file to this message

    The DVD was purchased used, but it is an original disk, not a copy. I have had other Disney disks that have the same problem. I would like to know how to read the log files to determine what the problem is. Also, please let me know what anyone sees in the logs that might be the problem.

    The DVD drive is set to region 1

    The AnyDVD HD version was reset using the "default" button. What else can I check? Thanks for any replies.


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  2. Ch3vr0n

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    most likely defective disc, that's a 2002 release. VEry doubtful its even remotely a protection issue. The log is riddled with read errors