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Discussion in 'AnyDVD HD (DVD issues)' started by roryman, Jan 28, 2007.

  1. roryman

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    Was wondering if anyone else using AnyDVD had problems after they do an update with Norton Internet Security? My Norton just stops working when I do the update so I have to uninstall Norton and reinstall it after every update which drives me nuts! Anyone have any solutions to this. Love AnyDVD but a pain to have to do this everytime. I haven't updated my AnyDVD for awhile. I am still using Any help would be great!!!
  2. Master_Yeti

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    I have Norton installed and have had no problems whatsoever after updates. It looks like it is machine specific to you.
  3. Ajax

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    First go with kaspersky they are a lot better as far a security goes... Second Norton Internet security 2006 and 7 have the insatiable appetite to stall when ever a new unknown program tries to access the web... (ie the update warning from slysoft anydvd)

    While its not entirly A have to to (Reinstall Norton PROBLEM) you can add the anydvd.exe to the trusted apps list before you have anydvd run...(disable auto-start when anydvd is installed)

    I've been fixing computer with that type of problem for about 2 years now for 30 bucks a pop, and its that simple... (either get a different security program or do it the manuel way)
  4. Terrabyte

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    Pardon me folks: I will never use Norton's crap on my computer again, because it is the most "system intrusive" software I have ever come across.:( :( :(
  5. davo

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    and just try uninstalling it. Lucky to get away without formatting your drive.
  6. roryman

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    Thanks to you guys who had some suggestions! I will give it a try adding it to the trusted apps before I run an update.:)
  7. Androo79

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    Exactly! I would never use their products again either.
  8. manbecke

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    I have Zone Alarm and Norton Internet Suit,
    I disable Norton before updating.
    No problem.
  9. richbetty

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    I played around with Norton for a coupla years and think it's the sorriest excuse for protection I have ever dealt with..............Norton will never see the inside of my PC again ever...........Try Windows Live One Care....It's a Microsoft Product....Best I have run across...If you decide to dump Norton..Lots of Luck getting it out.........Rich
  10. aabbccdd

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    yeah i would dump norton also its a horrible program .go with "Trend Micro" "Kaspersky" or "NOD32" all great programs. and to remove norton completey from your machine you will want to run a clean tool . you can find that at nortons site
  11. Nobby

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    Hallo roryman,

    ich benutze zwar nunmehr Kaspersky als Antivirenprogramm, habe aber bis vor kurzem Norton Antivirus 7.0 verwendet und keinerlei Probleme mit den Updates von AnyDVD gehabt, habe beim Update allerdings streng darauf geachtet - wie bei sämtlichen Softwareinstallationen - dass der Echtzeitschutz zu dieser Zeit deaktiviert war. :agree:

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  12. bjproc

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    can we get this in english please

    as others has said, dump norton, i use BitDefender, seems good enough just now :agree:
  13. RichMc

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    Have you got a third party firewall installed? Windows XP is ok but some will kill the update process until you let it through.
  14. ttocsmij

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    Much ado over nothing.

    Norton works fine. But it requires a machine with lots of horsepower. I'm not going any further down this path except to say, "One can never have too much memory, eh?"

    Now. I just learned that if you have upgraded to AnyDVD, the name by which this program identifies itself to system resources has changed from "Slysoft AnyDVD.exe" to just "AnyDVD.exe". I know this because when Norton Internet Security went to update the program access list, it tried to reconcile the old name and the new name and could not.

    Those of us who use NIS will discover that the Program Control alert window will keep coming up over and over as AnyDVD tries to access the Internet to check on newer version availability.

    The solution is very simple. Open the Norton Internet Security program, under the Norton Internet Security tab, select Personal Firewall. On that panel, click on CONFIGURE. When the Personal Firewall window opens, select the Programs tab. In the program list, locate the "AnyDVD.exe" entry (it may be "Slysoft AnyDVD.exe"), highlight it with a single click and then click on Remove. Affirm removal on the verification popup box. The next time AnyDVD tries to access the Internet, the Program Control alert window will appear. Select the option to allow AnyDVD to always access the Internet and click OK. The rest should take care of itself.

    Now. If Slysoft changes that reference name again (like it apparently did somewhere between and -- or maybe Symantec did when they updated their internal reference list (who is to know how this s*** makes the rounds, eh?) -- one only has to repeat these steps to get AnyDVD surfing properly again. :cool: