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    Actually Joe, the people telling you that are also the same people "telling you that they have years of experiences dealing with problems from people that use it". The truth is they have no such expertise, they are merely lying by saying they do in order to bolster their view They offer no proof, just as you and webslinger have not. Personally their experiences are just that, "their" experiences. My experiences have been vastly different, and so have quite a few other people that I know personally who use memorex media. In the last couple years they have worked fine for me in every player I have played them in, regardless of how long ago it was that they were opriginally recorded upon. So thanks for the advice joe, but I still stand by what I said earlier. I tend to stick with what works for me. Just because a brand might be hated by some, doesnt always mean its bad for everyone, I have already proved that. Sorry guys, but my position on this is final. Like it or not. Besides I thought I already stated this, as well as the fact that memorex is just one of the brands I use. Unless I start having routine problems with them, I will continue to use not only memorex but any other brand that works for me. Rehashing this certainly isnt going to change my mind. Like I said before, if that offends anyone, I am sorry. But getting upset over this isnt going to change my mind either. Thats just the way it is.
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    No. It's fact. It's closer to hard science since the effects are repeatable and observable over thousands of burns across a wide variety of burners. Your experiences are "just that", while ours can be corroborated. Using Memorex is akin to playing Russian Roulette (some may work well; some may not). If you go around these forums recommending Memorex to people that are experiencing problems, you will find yourself unwelcome here for the reasons I stated earlier. I just simply cannot have people being misled by this nonsense.

    Your right to your express your opinion does not supersede my responsibility to ensure forum members resolve their issues using accurate information at their disposal.

    I don't care if you simply want to express that you like Memorex in your own thread (and that's great that you've never had problems), but if you start recommending Memorex to people that are having problems (especially in troubleshooting threads) in these forums, you will find yourself unwelcome here.

    Do consider this a warning. :policeman:
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    I already cleared all of that up with you web (as I stated in the above quote), it was old joe that I was responding to. Your views on Memorex are not "fact or hard science" webslinger, nor are they based on repeatable effects that you or anyone you know has personally seen on a wide variety of burners etc. Your experiences are not "corroborated" either. Basically your views are just the same talking points of someone else who told them to you but, just like you, they had no personal experiences or any other kind of verifiable proof to back them up.

    If someone asks me for help or asks me specifically on this subject, then I will answer them truthfully to the best of my experiences. You childishly threatening me with a warning or banning, just because I called you and joe out on your largely biased, unsubstantiated, unproven claims isn't going to change my views on this. In fact I find your threat of a "warning" to be little more than the reaction of someone who has had their view successfully challenged to the point where they have lost the debate and are lashing out in typical butt-hurt fashion as they cannot find any other way to save face. So warn or ban me if you feel the need to, but it will not change my view, or my recommendations. Your responsibility to ensure forum members resolve their issues with accurate information, IS superceded by my right to express my opinion since my opinion IS actually based on accurate information that is from provable and verifiable experiences, while yours is based only on what others have told you, without any accurate information or proof of experience, be it personal in your own use, or witnessed personally by you from someone else's experience.

    Lets face facts here web, you and joe have no personal experiences to bolster your views on Memorex media. You, and he, are only repeating the same claims made by others in order to promote the brands you both use, either because you both are following the pack or because either of you get paid by some or any of those companies to promote their brands. Beyond that, neither of you have any provably factual basis for your views. Mine are based on my own personal experiences. Experiences that I and quite a few other people I know who use Memorex have also had. Some of which they have proven to me by showing me their routine experiences using that brand of media. All you have shown me is what brands you and Joe prefer to use, how irritated you both get when someone challenges your views, and above all your complete and total ignorance regarding this issue. Neither of you are particularly versed in this subject, much less experienced enough personally with Memorex or any other brand than those on your preferred list, to be able to offer any informed advice on what is or is not a good brand of media to use.
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    I have no problems with that. Thank you very much for your understanding in this matter. I have no interest in banning people in general (creates more work for me, and I hate work).
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    You're welcome. This arrangement works for me too. Although my understanding in this matter was never in question. Yours however was, and as I stated before, whether you like banning or not, neither a warning or banning from you will change my views or stand on this issue. I trust this will be the last time we will have to have this discussion or that you will stoop to the childish tactic of threatening me or anyone else simply for successfully disproving and debunking your views as I have done here. Mic drop.
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    Update: 3/30/2018

    Its been over 9 years since I first posted in this topic, and slysoft is now redfox and migrated its old forum to this new one. I have stayed a loyal customer of anydvd and still use their products as well as elaborate bytes. They are still, in my opinion based on my own experiences, the better brand in its market.

    Since my last post here I have continued to use Memorex media almost exclusively with the occasional use of verbatim. Still after all these years and all the countless backups I have made of my dvd and blu ray collections, I have yet to experience any, specifically brand, problems of any kind with Memorex media. I get the occasional bad disc, but no more than verbatim or any other media I have tried over the years. Also as I said in my past edit updates to this post in this topic, all of my backups on Memorex media that I made back when I first posted in this topic are still good and playing fine. Sure there have been the normal wear and tear that requires a new back up be made from time to time, but mostly those are rare.

    The overwhelming majority of my Memorex backups have held up very well over the years. In fact I have recently begun transferring my backups to hard drive as I am switching to exclusively digital copies in order to have easier access and portability for my collection. So I am in the process of transferring all of my collection including my oldest backups to digital storage and even backups I made 15 years ago are in remarkably great shape and still play without any issues. This project is going to take me quite some time to finish and I am only a fraction of the way through it, but I have nearly completed transferring all of my 10 to 15 year old backups which are the oldest and the first I ever did backed up on Memorex media.

    Over all, I have to say that the rumors of Memorex being a typically bad brand of media are just as unfounded and subjective now as they were when I first proved webslinger and oldjoe wrong and called them both out on their misinformation. The problem was that webslinger, like oldjoe and so many others, was just repeating the same BS they were told. Webslinger, like so many others parroting his views, were not experts, and in most cases had not even experienced much if any of the issues they said were attributable to Memorex media. Even one of the top brands webslinger touted as being the best media brand ended up discontinuing production of their media. Their official reason was they were just offloading that responsibility to other manufacturers. The unofficial reason is that the cost of making their brand, coupled with the high price they charged for their media, just became too great to continue since other less expensive brands out sold them. One of those less expensive brands that outsold them was Memorex. Sure that other brand can still be purchased, but the manufacture process for them has been realigned to better compete with other less expensive brands. In other words, the process has been streamlined and made less exspensive and the manufacturers making them no longer gouge the customers by charging unrealistic prices.

    Bottom line, Memorex is still a worthy, more cost friendly alternative to more popular brands. Verbatim is also very reliable in my opinion based on my own personal experiences using it. In closing let me just reiterate that anyone wishing to make an informed choice for the brand of media they use, do what I did and test them yourself. All too often people come to forums like this looking for brand recommendations for products they want to use. Quite often, people like webslinger or oldjoe, who do not really know what they are talking about and have no experience using various brands of the product in question beyond their "favorite", will often tout their "favorite" as the preferred and better brand. They will even try to claim that science or professional testing backs up their points, but none of it is true and it's all part of the BS narrative they spin. They tend to spread BS and misinformation about other brands to bolster their views as well. Webslinger never went to the trouble to test Memorex as exhaustively as I did, nor did he know anyone professional or not, who tested them either. There was no "hard science" or repeated examples over 1000s of burners and platforms proving his claims either. In fact webslinger, oldjoe, and others who make similar claims, rarely ever used Memorex media and as such had no personal experiences with any of the issues they said were standard Memorex problems. As you can see as soon as I called out his claims in this topic and challenged his views, webslinger not only could not provide any personal experiences or any other kind of legitimate proof to back up his views, but he got irritated and threatened to ban me when he could not disprove my views. So let this topic stand as its own recommendation for you, to remind you, before you decide on any brand, to test them yourself. If you find a brand that works well for you whether its Memorex, verbatim, or any other brand, then stick with it. Do not rely on someone acting as a corporate shill, the way webslinger or oldjoe were, to tell you what is a better brand. More often than not those people are only recommending a product because they either are getting paid to promote it, or because they are mindlessly following the pack and do not know any better. Stay informed by your own personal experiences, that way if you choose to recommend a product brand, you, unlike webslinger or oldjoe, will actually know what you are talking about.
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