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  1. rav555

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    I had been burning Memorex printable DVD's with Plextor drives with terrible results. They run on the computer but not on my Philips set top DVD player. Since I've switched to TDK printable media I've experienced 0 (Zero) faults. I can burn them side by side; TDK run's, Memorex doesn't.

    The solution is pretty simple, I use TDK media (duh), it's just not as commonplace as Memorex, I have to order it on-line as opposed to going down to Staples.

    Any ideas why Memorex is unreliable?

  2. zebadee

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    Hi :)
    It's likely that the coating has a lower reflective quality with Memorex. (I don't really know as I've never bought it).
    Obviously TDK has a better coating.
    This question of coating has been known to produce such results in the past.
  3. chalky607

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    Coz they're cr*p! Go with Taiyo Yuden, they cost more, but I've never made a coaster yet. You can also use the default volume in Shrink (4.7GB) no problems. I order them online, and with the postage factored in, they cost 33p each.
  4. hac

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    I have had problems with all Memorex products at one time or another products beings VCR tapes, floppy disks, cd's and dvd's. As a consequence I simply don't buy that brand. I have had good luck with TDK, Fuji and even CompUSA own brand.
  5. musicman

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    I have never even liked Memorex tape. All thier products have given a hard time. I use Plextor 760 A. and Maxell DVD- 16 times and have never had a problem. I buy it in units of 75 @ Wallmart. It is cheaper there than Staples, and I think it is also cheaper than TDK. Never had a problem. Make sure you also update the firmware for your plextor burner. Really makes a difference. Good luck.
  6. Dannoz

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    Viewing difficulties

    I too have had some viewing difficulties...movies always run on computer, but I am running about 50% on the set-top player. I use the Fry's house brand of blank dvds (GQ) and a Memorex burner. Why do some movies play and others do not?
  7. saugmon

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    Inkjet printable:

    I only use Verbatim,Maxells made by Hitachi of Japan,and Taiyo Yuden.

    Prodiscs makes a lot of printable media-which is usually the culprit when playback or burning issues arrise.

    Maxells: Look for the Made in Japan on the outer shrink wrapper for the hitachi's. For their white full hubs,beware of the Made in Taiwan spindles.
  8. stellacotton

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    This is a very helpful media guide.:agree:

    You might want to check out vso inspector its practically a must have and best of all its free.:clap:

    Disclaimer:Im not advertising as I dont work for the links Ive listed above. Just passing along useful info.

    Detect and list information about the inserted media:
    - Media type
    - Capacity
    - Media ID (manufacturer and/or model)
    - Number of layers
    - Supported speeds (with current writer)
    Detect and list the features of your CD/DVD writers:
    - Supported formats
    - Region details
    - Firmware versions
    - Buffer size
    - Region Code
    - Read modes
    - Write modes
    - Etc
    Media Analysis
    - Sector reading
    - Definition of the area to check
    - Definition of the read direction (as medias are mostly weak at the end of the burning zone, starting from the end is a good idea for a quick quality indication)
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    Taiyo Yuden and Sony are listed as 1 class media....have never had a problem with either brand....the above link for the digitalfaq website is an excellent reference for brands of media and their rankings.
  10. Ripper

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    Because the dye used when manufacturing the disks themselves is of a poorer quality than that of Taiyo Yuden and the like. This can cause bad burns and un readable disks; or even if you're disks start out readable, chances are they will be unplayable/readable in another 6 months due to deteriation of the crappy dye. Another thing to consider is your burner's firmware and write strategies compatibilty with the media itself. Some media works for some burners, and vice versa. However, this does not mean if you get good burns with memorex to continue using them due to reasons stated earlier.

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  11. b1030

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    Taiyo Yuden are the only media to use. Especially if others will be borrowing your DVD's.
    The Azo dye they use is professional grade. You'll find different burners perform better with different media.
    TY is avail in shiny silver for thermal, white inkjet printable to the hub and silver injet printable that prints to 42mm. They also produce a watershield surface that will make your finished printed disc look like factory and won't run if water gets on them. Unfortunately the watershield are kinda hard to find and quite expensive.
    TY's compatability with burners and players exceeds all others.
    Here is about the least expensive place I've found, SuperMediaStore
    I buy 400-600 discs monthly and get maybe 1 coaster every 2 months.
    Meritline also has good deals once in a while.
    Everyone has a favorite burner, but I use nothing but NEC. Have zero compatability problems no matter what DVD player is used.
    Hope this helps.
  12. uhall

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    Ty and Verbatim are all I use. I tried Memorex DL 2 out of 10 coasters worked.All my DL are Verbatim or fuji
  13. Ripper

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    You do realise that Memorex and Fuji use the same disks for their DL media. Lol. Oh, with the excpetion of Memeorex using another code, which is a Phillips disk! Lmao.

    Verbatim DL FTW!

  14. looker

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    I have allways had problems burnning movies on memorex,they burn but wont play on anything. When I put them in the dvd player I get no disk present, or it skips jumps or freezes,it even looks funny when you look at the burned disk.Doing a internet search it seems that quite a few people have problems with memorex. I have gone back to the cheapie Staples DVDs and never have a problem
  15. Ripper

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    You realise, in the long run, they are just as bad as Memorex. About 6 months in, they won't play the same. I'd hazard a guess they were Optodisk or something similiar...
  16. L@TIN

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    I try everything on the market.. the best one that i like is Taiyo Yuden or Verbatim!!! , On the verbatim you can go to your local best buy. I get them when they are in sale and i pack them up lol ... For Taiyo Yuden but who want to wait to get the package? I bought a pack a of tdk like 25 disc was bad and the other 75 was good ... And the i bought Memorex 2 packs of 100 waste of $$ .. I like to try other but im wasteing my time and $$$... On the verbatim I bought 2 packs of 50 and all of them was good..... i hope this will help you out.
  17. stellacotton

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    I always buy my Tys online thru Rima 95% of the time I get them in 3 days. Also, theyre really good about sending free samples of various disc you'd like to try out-email them and specify what format and speed you're interested in and youll get an assortment of 6 or so to try before you buy in quantity.:agree:
  18. Androo79

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    I really think it has a lot to do with the burner. I have only been using Memorex discs with my Sony burner (DVD+R, DVD+RW, and DVD+R DL) and I have not had any bad discs and have used them on many DVD players.
  19. forumfreak

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    Memorex crap

    Because they are made by CMC, cheap and nasty, even if you can get a decent burn out of one you can bet that within a year or less they will have so many errors that they will only be good as coasters.

    Use TY, Verbatim, or Sony and they'll still be good in 5 years.:agree:
  20. 85thor

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    DITTO. The same advice I always give. Here is a free media checker program that is updated with newer media codes often. Lets you know what you got with media. DVD identifier:

    Nero cd speed test is also free and works well, too.