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    While trying to backup Hellboy, three main titles are shown and on the Title Configuration screen, the scan of the disc reads 13%. When I advance to the next screen, Audio and Subtitle Settings, the scan stops at 78%.

    A temporary work around allowed me to back up the disc by deselecting the title 71 (2:03:46), and also deselecting one of the two remaining titles 60 and 70 (both at 2:00:55). In my case I deselected title 70 and I was able to successfully backup the DVD.

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    good job rbuzz. is redfox going to fix this? the beta does not work.
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    Have the same problem. Tried with to no such luck

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    I also can not back up Hellboy. Starts ripping then stops at 9%. Redbox rental, USA. Error: File IO 3VTS_29_1.VOB 16343040 581632. Logfile attached...Thanks for your assist.

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    Ya THINK!!?? LOL
    That said: You failed to provide the requested logfile.
    There's a threat at the top "PLEASE read before you post" - it always applies.
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    Yup, but not for you if you don't provide a logfile of your disc. The crystal ball with magic fixes is still broken
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    "movie only" worked great for me, thanks!
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    New beta can rip the whole DVD to folder - confirmed.
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    Yes, worked for me too. Excellent, fast fixes as always RedFox Team!! :LOL:(y) :thankyou: