Problems with Fantastic Four: ROSS

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    I'm also having similar problems on playback with Fantastic Four-Rise of the Silver Surfer (movie only) but my copy is Region 2. Ripped with the latest AnyDvd and CloneDvd, Used both Traxdata 16x Discs with F1 Dye burning at 8x speed and Traxdata 8x Discs with GO5 Dye burning at 4x speed.
    Both discs have been tried in my two Dvd players, The 16x Disc will play in my Sanyo Dvd player but freezes at 1hr 26secs as though the layer break has not been removed and then carries on after a pause with a clock time now showing 1hr 39secs on restart, the disc is not even recognised in the second Dvd player (Matsui), comes up as unknown disc.
    The 8x Disc will play in the Matsui and actually powers the Sanyo down and turns it off after it's read the disc.
    The Retail Dvd plays fine in both Dvd Players and the PC.
    The Traxdata Dvd-r discs have been used by me on hundreds of occasions on my Lite-on 1633s and 1693s writers with no problems whatsoever.
    RITEK markets its products with the Traxdata brand name in Europe, while the discs are not full premium quality they do come within the Recommended media speck and always uses Ritek A grade dyes - it's as good as Ritek media gets. As soon as I've upgraded to the latest problems began, I use the latest CloneDvd for burning, both discs have been run thru Nero cd-dvd speed test and both are 100% clean. There is no pixalting, it's the ability of the Dvd players to read the copy's thats the problem.
    Going to rip main movie with Shrink and Recode later today and see what results come from those.
    In no way am I suggesting that AnyDvd is at fault, it just seems strange that these discs errors have suddenly started occuring after the upgrade, or is it this particular title that's got some bad sectors on it designed to destabilise the burn in some way, I'm afraid I'm not technically able to determine that factor like you guys.
    I've read the FQA posted earlier and cannot see it being the media as other titles seem OK. Thanks in advance for any help.:confused:
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    Does it play from the hard drive without issues? I would check the CloneDVD rip with something like PowerDVD to determine if it's a burn issue or an issue with the rip itself.
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    Some of crappiest blank media ever sold. Period.


    People have reported that stuff failing within 6 weeks sometimes.

    With very few exceptions should anyone equate Ritek with good quality blank media (G04 wasn't bad though).

    Could not possibly disagree more

    However, I believe there is a layer break issue with Clonedvd with certain movies, but I'm skeptical the issue I'm talking about is related here.
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    @ sparkym5,

    Who ever in the world told you that Ritek Traxdata Media uses “A Grade Dyes”? For years Ritek Media has been plagued with Reflectivity/Degradation problems.

    Ritek Traxdata Media has an extremely very well documented history as being total absolute garbage Media.

    Do yourself a favor and obtain known proven quality Media that consistently produces quality error free results such as Taiyo Yuden or Verbatim Media.


    PS - If you review the various AnyDVD/CloneDVD Forum sticky you will note that Ritek Media is specifically identified as problematic Media that should be avoided.
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  5. SamuriHL

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    I have to agree with coaster and Webslinger on this one. Ridata is never something I ever consider as "good" quality. I stick with Verbatim. Nonetheless, I still say check the playback on the hard drive before burning to determine where the problem lies.
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    The two Ri companies were about the best available many years ago. THey're crap now. The Fry's brand of GQ used branded Ri discs up to the last batch when they switched to re-branded LG media because of the customer returns/complaints (98% according to their in-store request that they be returned to the stores for replacements). Stick with the branded Verbatim or LG (Taiyo Yuden) discs if you want quality.
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  7. sparkym5

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    This article when I first started using Traxdata and I can count the coasters on one hand over the last two years.
    Did not remove layer break correctly on Are We Done Yet either.
    I have re-encoded the main movie to the hardrive again, and yes the movie plays from the hardrive but still pauses at what I presume is the layer break at 1hr 26sec Using PowerDvd. Still going to try it with Shrink and Recode later when I have time just out of curiosity.
    OK fellas, kindly point me in the right direction as to which choice of disc you prefer from the supplier I get the Traxdata from:
    Taiyo Yuden
    Thanks for all your comments to now.

    Re-encoded Retail Disc thru Shrink and Nero Recode, resulting burned Traxdata Discs played fine on both Matsui and Sanyo Dvd players with no sign of stutter around time of layer break. Also Re-encoded Main Movie only thru CloneDvd, this time using the option "Copy One or More Dvd Titles" and did not preserve the menu's, the resulting burned Disc played fine again in both Matsui and Sanyo with no sign of layer break problem. All latest rips now play OK from hardrive.
    The burned discs which gave the problems were encoded using the option "Clone a Dvd Using All Titles and Menus" with everything stripped out down to main movie and with the menus preserved. This was the only difference between the finished rips with CloneDvd. It seems maybe reading the discs after preserving the menu's were causing the problem, but in the past this has never been an issue before! Thanks for your time.
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  8. Webslinger

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    I prefer
    but I can't tell based on the website whether those are Premiums or the Value Line (avoid the value line). Those probably are the premiums. Change the booktype to "dvd-rom". The 16x premiums, at one point, did suffer from occasional bonding issues, which is why I prefer the 8x TYs. Those are some hideous prices, by the way. :eek:

    I have trouble believing your issue has anything to do with Clonedvd, as the layer break for most discs occurs during the main movie. Seems more like a bad burn with junk blank media . . .

    There is an issue with Clonedvd involving layer break removal on certain discs, but it's consistent, regardless of whether one is preserving the main menu.

    That's the most hilarious media guide I've read; it even manages to trump my disdain for the DigitalFaq.
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  9. Coaster

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    @ sparkym5

    Unfortunately the CDR-Zone.Com reference provided in your #7 posting is two years old, provides unfounded conjecture, and contains erroneous non-factorial information.

    Ritek Media DVD Rot Degradation is not conjecture but is a well-documented fact. Data recorded on Ritek Media will become un-retrieval rendering the Media disk unusable.

    Suggest using a diagnostic utility program similar to Nero CD DVD Speed ( and perform a ScanDisc surface scan on your Ritek Traxdata Media and check for DVD Rot Degradation.

    Stick with known proven quality Media which consistently produces quality error free results such as Taiyo Yuden or Verbatim and you will avoid Media related problems.

  10. sparkym5

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    Thanks Coaster, the point I was trying to make was when I started using Traxdata 2 years ago this was a usefull read for the non educated, but the discs have done me no harm as yet, Nero CD DVD Speed reports disc from 12 months ago are still 100% clean, but I take your point.
    As webslinger rightly points out, it's difficult to know which are the Premium or Value line discs. I've only got about 20 Traxdata discs left now so the next time I buy some I'll look at the media you suggested, I just think at times it's too easy to blame the media rather than think maybe there might just actually be something wrong elsewhere, but again I accept your argument as sound advice.
    Thanks for all the your help and i'll start doing a little googling about the media you suggested. Regards sparky. :doh:
  11. Webslinger

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    I am aware of an issue with Clonedvd and layer breaks on certain dvd movies. But it doesn't make any sense to me that the problem would disappear if you don't preserve the menus (in fact, in my testing, when the problem exists, it exists regardless of whether the menus are preserved). The problem should exist regardless.

    Anyway, using Taiyo Yuden 8x dvd+r Premiums does not hurt anything (you will have to reduce your burn speed obviously, if you're use to using 16x rated blank media) and improves the likelyhood of producing good burns. Of course, you should ensure you're burner support bitsetting.
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  12. sparkym5

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    Point took webslinger, thanks for your patience and advice, till next time :agree: