Problems with Archiving El Cantante

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    I am having problems with El Cantante archiving/compressing to the normal size. It copies but bloats from the normal 4.5GB to about 20GB! I have not seen this problem in over 3 1/2 years. I am using DVD X Copy Platinum v This program rarely if ever gives me any problems with compression while using AnyDVD v

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    The cause of the problems with this disc stems from the use of the X-Protect copy protection which makes use of a corrupt UDF file system on the disc making the VIDEO_TS folder appear to be 11.6 GB in size. Using AnyDVD along with CloneDVD will work perfectly on this disc as will using the AnyDVD ripper to rip the disc to your HDD.

    The issue in this case isn't AnyDVD. You'll need to use the AnyDVD ripper which is part of AnyDVD. Right-click on the AnyDVD icon in your systray and then click on Rip Video DVD to Harddisk and go from there.

    Once you've ripped the files to your HDD all the garbage will have been removed and the resulting VIDEO_TS folder will be 7.57 GB in size. You can then process the files on your HDD with whatever program you wish and then burn the resulting output with whatever burning program you wish.

    For more information do a search for El Cantante. This has been discussed a bit.
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